Currently: April

Current Book - The Guy Not Taken by Jennifer Weiner

Current Celebrity Crush - Peter Krause (Adam Braverman in Parenthood)


Current Drink - Zico Coconut Water

Current Excitement - Trail Racing! I had such a fun race last weekend, but more on that later!

Current fashion trend - flip flops -- that's as fashionable as I get!

Current Favorite Blog/Website - Self's Nutrition Values

Current Favorite Film - none, really. I saw Hugo and the Artist on the plane. They were both pretty good, but I wouldn't say they are my favorite.

Current Food - Lots of quinoa and tons of veggies! 

Current Guilty Pleasure - reading in the sun on the back porch

Current Indulgence - Pizza from the Cheese Board

Current Mood - tired

Current New Find - Cafe Biere in Emeryville -- Sunday Brunch with bottomless mimosas!

Current Outfit - jeans / sweater

Current Peeve - People on the escalator who stand two abreast and don't move out of your way when you are walking up or down them.

Current Song - anything by the Black Keys

Current Triumph - making a new recipe each week (and liking them!)

Current TV Show - Jeopardy (it's an old favorite!)

Current Wish-List - a house on the beach

Currently Delaying - putting money in my ROTH IRA for last year! I have 3 days left to do it! 

What are you currently up to?


  1. I will always have a huge crush on Peter Krause. Did you know he is from Minnesota? :)

    I'm currently reading the book, "I am the Messenger". It's by the author of The Book Thief.

    I am currently watching next to no tv - I haven't turned my tv on in the evenings for weeks!

    I am currently feeling like I am bleeding money. Between paying my medical bills in March, booking hotel rooms for my July trip for Amber's wedding, and buying my bridesmaid dress for Nora's wedding, my wallet is getting drained. :( It's for fun things (well, besides the medical bills) but I need an inexpensive month!!

  2. Have you ever gotten into watching Six Feet Under? Best Peter Krause tv ever.

  3. Trail racing? Do tell! I wish I could get on board with loving quinoa but just haven't yet. I've tried it in several recipes but just not in love with it!

  4. Love Jeopardy, have for years and years. I hate it when people stand two (or three, four) abreast on the escalator, sidewalk, etc. So rude!

  5. Today is chore day for me:( Laundry, dishes, etc. Boring.

  6. I think I want a mimosa now. It might help get me through work today, haha!

  7. Fun fact: Peter Krause's doppelganger goes to my church. He does our announcements and looks so much like him, it's scary! Ha.

  8. Did you ever see the show Sports Night? It was way back in the day before Peter Krause did Six Feet Under. If you haven't seen it, rent it. I think there are 2 or 3 seasons. Awesome writing. I was sad to see it fall.

  9. I love coconut water. And Jeopardy. And I'm learning to appreciate quinoa.


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