Snack Time!

Every chance we get, we take a trip to the city for a food bonanza. We love to go to all our favorite restaurants and order a couple items at each one. We all share the couple items, which allows us to go to three or four different places in one trip. We love it because it gives us the chance to eat several different things in one go. We decided this time to try a new place each time we go.

You can see our previous SnackaPaloozas HERE. This time we started in my favorite San Francisco neighborhood, The Mission, which is where I used to live. It was originally the Latino area of the city, but has recently become more of a mish mosh of cultures. 

The first stop was Balompie, where we ordered three types of pupusas
A pupusa is like a really thick tortilla with filling inside.
My favorite: bean and cheese! Yum.
If you have never had a pupusa, I suggest you get one immediately. They are great. 

Next, we took a walk down Sycamore Street, where they allow street artists to do their thing, which results in some really fun stuff.

Then we went to Frjtz, a Belgian place with many beers, crepes, waffles and fries. 
I was disappointed because they changed their fries from skinny ones to steak fries. 
But the crepes are delicious! 
And the bathroom mirror was amusing. 

We try to get a little exercise between restaurants; this way we can eat more.
So we walked to the Bi-Rite Creamery.
There is usually a really long line, so we said that if the line was short, we would check it out. 
The line was short, so we got an ice cream.
Toasted Coconut.

No trip to the Mission would be complete without a walk to Dolores Park, where you have an excellent view of downtown and the Mission Dolores

Last but not least, A La Turca, one of our favorites, which has some of the best hummus ever, as well as super great Pides, which is a cheese, meat and bread pocket.

We totally stuffed ourselves with great food! Afterward, we could barely move. So it was a success! 

Have you ever had a pupusa? Do you prefer skinny or fat fries? What is your favorite ice cream flavor?


  1. This looks like so much fun. I haven't been to San Francisco for many years.

    I have never had a papusa!

  2. We call that kind of eating tour "canoodling." Don't ask me why.

    I haven't spent time in San Francisco in years. It might be time to head back.

  3. Yum! All of that food sounds DELICIOUS! I have never had (or heard of) a papusa! I prefer crispy skinny fries and I like to dip them in ketchup and spicy mustard. Mmm. My favorite ice cream flavor is probably mint chocolate chip!

  4. Allan's younger brother lived in El Salvador for two years and he can't say enough good things about pupusas. Apparently they are just as delicious as you say!

  5. I have never had one, but it sounds great! As for ice cream, I like places like marble slab or cold stone where you can mix your own. I like vanilla and peppermint patty. Yum! :) Snack trips sound awesome.

  6. This is such a good idea. I have become obsessed lately with opening an ice cream shop, and I can't seem to escape reminders. That ice cream place looks cool.

  7. Oh, how fun! Papusas sound awesome, never had one. This is all making me hungry... need to go find some lunch!


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