Shoes and Taxes

Welcome folks...to another edition of what I did last week: in pictures. The #febphotoaday is still going on and I have so far not missed a day! Hurray! To see what it's all about, you can head over to Fat Mumslim's page and check it out. 

Day 11: Makes me Happy
Nordstrom.com -- Via Spiga page

Day 12: Inside my Closet
Flats: Anne Klein
Flip Flops: Reef
Boots: MIA

Day 13: Blue
Camelback Nalgene -- it goes with me everywhere

Day 14: Heart
I saw this on my run the other day. 
Perfect timing. 

Day 15: Phone
Stickers for planner.
Notice the "birthday" ones are all gone (the empty row).
(Notice the hair appt ones are all still there.)

Besides the Feb Photo, this week was spend doing responsible, boring things. Like...


Going to the DMV

Cursing at my computer, as it decided to shut down and then the Microsoft Office Suite loses half the things I worked on over the last week. 
You can see my face in the screen.
It doesn't look happy.

It snowed this week. 
But it melted off pretty fast. 
The running trail. 

A shady section of the trail. 

How was your week? Do you try to cram all the boring, responsible things into one day or do you space them out throughout the week/month?


  1. i'm doing febphotoaday too, only on instagram. fun, isn't it?

  2. You did taxes and DMV in the same day? You are so responsible! You should reward yourself with those Via Spigas for sure!

  3. I often cram tasks i don't like into a day to get them over with. Except I LOVE doing my taxes. ;) Last year I did them on my birthday!

    This was not my best week. Work has been stressful lately so I am not sleeping well as a results. It's a bad cycle - stress makes me not sleep well, not getting enough sleep makes me not handle stress very well... But this weekend has been good. I got 2 good nights of sleep and am hoping that next week is a better week!!

    1. Lisa, you can do my taxes if you need some extra fun! :)

  4. My week was okay. A little boring but got some good runs in. I like to get all the boring tasks done in the same day, but I have so many it's hard to get them all done:) Great job getting taxes done!

  5. I tend to space out boring/onerous tasks, but sometimes I procrastinate from doing them for too long (like I did this week with grading) and have to do it all jammed into a day or two.

  6. What a great challenge! I love the life's details you captured.

  7. Boo to taxes and the DMV, but those shoes are sure cute!


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