Half Time Recap

Another week, another photo here and there, and February is almost over. Woo Hoo.

That means the #febphotoaday is well underway.  And it's time for another recap post.

Day 4: Stranger
Have you ever seen anything stranger than this? Mouser and Hillary. 
He looks pissed off. 
Maybe it's because he is a Republican.

Day 5: 10 am
We took a drive last Sunday to do a little four wheelin', hiking and photo taking. 

Day 6: Dinner
Have you ever seen a bag of carrots this big?

Day 7: Buttons
I got lazy this day.

Day 8: Sun
Ironically enough, this day WAS sunny so we sat out on the front porch, soaking it in! 

Day 9: Front Door
Mine has a window and the light was shining in, so I covered it with a shopping bag and a couple of magazine pages. Classy, I know.

Day 10: Self Portrait
Going running. It was raining, so I added the rain effect. 

That's not all I did this week! 

I also...

Made banana nut bread. 
Ate a piece before taking this photo. 

Took photos of mountains and bridges and rivers, oh my. 

Went running.  
And then found it again three days later.

Went bowling. 
Bowled FOUR strikes in a row. 
And then bowled REALLY crappy the rest of the time, which is par for the course. 
I usually barely break 100.

The idea for this weekly photo post came from Kim. I am not trying to steal it.

What did you do this week? Are you a good bowler? What would you do if you had a huge bag of carrots?


  1. Horibble bowler. No clue what to do with a big bag of carrots and have never seen one that big. Travled through Italy this week in the freezing cold. Glad to be back home!

  2. I am a HORRIBLE bowler. Horrible. I never break 100! That's impressive that you got 4 strikes in a row!!

    Wow, you live in such a beautiful area! It is so brown around these parts, it's nice to see some green for a change!!

  3. I am a terrible bowler!

    Like the photo with the rain effect and also that Banana bread looks yum!

    That's so awesome you found your $5 a few days later! :)

  4. I am a terrible bowler. I usually get one or two strikes in a game, but that's about it! It's still fun to play, though. I haven't gone bowling in forever!

  5. You crack me up. Please don't feel like you have to credit me every week...unless you want to...I know you're not a thief ;)

    I would like carrot cake and carrot bread - except I don't like to bake...

  6. I should have checked this blog before I emailed you this morning, asking what you have been up to lately! LOL! I also want to bear witness to your 4 strikes in a row at bowling...I was there!

  7. I love the new header...so pretty! I hate bowling...im really really really bad at it.

    xoxo from Trinidad

  8. I enjoy bowling however when your 8yr old daughter beats you by more than 60 points then it's time to hang up the bowling shoes!!

  9. I love that you found your $5.

    I was never a very good bowler. I imagine I'd be terrible now since my broken arm still has troubles and it's my bowling arm. Hmm...Maybe I'd be better if I switched to my left...

  10. Looove bowling and banana nut bread!


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