11:12 Your Daily Environment

Well folks, we only have one more week after this of the 12 Weeks to Better Photos series. This week, we are finally getting to the fun stuff! Today we get to showcase Your Daily Environment! I think that one of the things that I learned a lot when I was doing my 365 Project is that there are really great photo opportunities around you every day.

Whether you have a point and shoot or a fancy schmancy, take a minute to just look around you and look at things from a different perspective. You will be surprised at what great things are all around you. This week's assignment was to do one (or all) of the following:

1. Capture a small snippet of your life that usually goes unnoticed
2. Create a visual record of your day
3. Share your favorite photo(s) with us (and tell us about the emotional connection you have with it, whether or not it's technically perfect)

I used this opportunity to take a few photos of what I was doing one day last week.

First, I took a hike. I found this on the path.

Another treasure from my hike. 

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

Buttermilk Muffins. 

 Mr. Tough Guy, otherwise known as Mouse.

You thought you were never going to see him again..but here he is, Papa P in the flesh! 

It was fun just taking photos without a specific theme. I mean, really pretty much anything can be part of your daily environment! What did I learn? Well, I already knew this, but as you can see, I like taking close ups! I guess I still need to work on my portraits, landscapes and action photos!

I liked this assignment because I find it fun to see what other people have in their daily life that they take for granted, but I think is the coolest thing ever. It may be an animal (I saw my first porcupine in Canada a few years ago and was SO excited) or a food (remember that snake fruit in Cambodia? Normal to them, not normal to me!) or just a view from your window! 

Join up next week for the last lesson: Camera Accessories.

What would you take a photo of to describe/define YOUR daily environment? What do you find in your everyday life that you may consider mundane but may actually be pretty neat to others?


  1. Very cool! I love all those photos. It was good to see Papa P again! And I like the baking photo.

    My photos would include my bloomberg terminal screen... knitting needles with my shawl project... and a fiestaware full of coffee... and today it would include a pumpkin spice latte as I am treating today as my Friday since i am traveling tomorrow (I have a presentation in Iowa City...)

  2. Did you do a 365 photo project this year or last? My sister did it a few years back and I loved the idea of it. I would love to do it! I love finding beauty in the little things all around. Love your pics!

  3. My photos would include some sort of classroom every day, whether that be the classroom I am teaching in or the classroom I am a student in!

  4. I love Mouse!!! And I'm happy to see that Papa P is back! :) I really liked this assignment, it was fun to take photos of anything I liked :)

  5. Okay. That first pic? Took me a solid five minutes of staring and turning my phone in different ways to figure out what it was.


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