Das Boot

I don't buy a lot of "things". I usually spend my money on experiences such as travel or dinners out or events. However this week there must be some itch I am trying to scratch, because lordy, I hit the internet hard! So, instead of grabbing a beer and looking what I did this week (inspired by Kim), it's time to grab a beer and: Look What I Bought This Week. But first, a beverage.

Have you ever drank a tall boot full of beer? I have. If you ever go to NYC, go to the Heidelberg on 2nd Ave and get their 2 liter boot-full of beer. To get it, you have to put down a 60 dollar cash deposit. It's that good. I also recommend the Schweineshaxe, but you have to wait until dinner time to order it. It is completely worth it.

So, in honor of Oktoberfest, I give you: Das Boot.  Prost!
And now for the ridiculous stuff that I bought. 


I bought a tent a few years ago and it took me forever to pick it out. I wanted to use it for a backpacking trip, which meant in had to be light (it's amazing what ONE extra lb will do). I was traveling with a friend so it had to fit two people, PLUS two backpacks. I bought a nice little 2 man tent from the REI outlet and it worked out well. However, my Dad borrowed it to go to the Grand Canyon and one of the poles broke. The good thing about REI is, they have a lifetime guarantee on a lot of their stuff. He took it back and got a refund for the full value put onto a gift card.

I didn't want to go through the whole tent buying thing again, but I got an email saying that all the camping gear at the outlet was half off, so I went and got this:

It's a three man tent with an extra door (which we needed before) and it cost less than the other one. The downside: it's 2 pounds heavier. That makes a HUGE difference when you have a sleeping bag and a stove AND the tent on your back! But I think it's worth it to be able to put your backpack INSIDE the tent if it rains! 


Next I bought a marathon. Yes, a marathon. And YES this counts as "stuff" to spend money on. I think I am in race hoarding mode lately. Since I have a limited (read: a suitcase) amount of space,  and am craving buying something, I am buying stuff that just doesn't take up as much space but still satisfies the purchasing urge. 

Now I just have to train. Hmmm... maybe I should have just bought a new pair of shoes instead. 


Speaking of shoes, I bought these: 

I have never tried Brooks before, but have heard good things. I just received them today and they are comfy for walking around the house but I have not tried them outside yet. I will keep you posted.


Obviously I will be doing even more running now and since it is darker earlier and Lisa and I just discussed how sometimes people don't really know where or when you went running, it can be unsafe... I am all for "safety first", so I bought this. It goes on your shoe and has your info on it in case you get injured, since I usually carry little more than my iPod with me on runs. Obviously that is not my info.


Okay, I guess that's it. It seemed like a lot since I bought everything in the same week! Here are a couple other things I want need (someday). Kate just bought a new camera and she keeps telling me about these things that are so handy and not too pricey!

This bounces the light so your flash is not so harsh. I think it's about 30 dollars as opposed to the hundreds that an external flash will cost you.


This is a remote so I can take more photos of myself, naturally. 

Wireless remote

 This lens is very wide angle and is cheaper than many of the others.

The nifty fifty

Or any of these, really. (KIDDING!)

Speaking of camera gear, I thought it would be fun to get an underwater housing for my camera. I did a little research and...they are a "tad" over my price range. The CHEAPEST one...was $1400.

So maybe THIS is more my price range. $56 for a 5 MP Waterproof (up to 10 ft) Sharper Image P&S.

So, have you bought anything exciting this week? If not, what's on your wishlist?


  1. The tent seems like a great investment!

    Other than groceries, I have not purchased anything all week, which is good because technically I joined the Great American Apparel Diet as part of my 2011 goals and haven't always been as good about not shopping as I should be.

  2. I LOVE my 50mm f 1.8 lens, and I use my remote from time to time. Just got a wide angle f10-24(got the Tamron cause the Canon was too expensive.)

    I got this flash diffuser, and it works OK considering the cheap price:

    Love you!

  3. I need a new lens and I am get so overwhelmed when I start looking...so I will check that one out. Never heard of a that neato flash thingy either. (I sound so professional, right?).

  4. Wow! You got lots of great stuff. I am really glad that you bought a road id!! :) I am proud of you because it is really important to be safe and have identification on you!

    I bought a necklace and some earrings yesterday while I was shopping with my friend brooke, and that is about it for the week/weekend. I guess the good thing about traveling for work is that I don't spend money on myself! :)

  5. I haven't bought anything this week besides a few books... (as usual, right?!)

    Did you ever visit Hessen Haus while in DSM? I have had many sips from das boot! ;)

  6. We should try to meet up while you're in town for the CIM.... :)

  7. Neat stuff all around! We're total camera hogs on the Nikon front. Kelley gets lens envy quickly.

    The CIM is a great choice! Lots of people really seem to like that marathon. I've never run anything in CA, but I hear good things about it.

  8. That's one heck of a shopping spree!

    I want some Brooks shoes SO BAD!

  9. We have a very similar tent for backpacking. It was not cheap, but it so light, and super easy to set up. I love that you bought a marathon too. That sounds like a worthy investment!


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