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I decided to do Nora's Wine and Love today, since Thursdays are now dedicated to 12 Weeks to Better Photos posts! And I like Nora's Wine and Love, so I thought I would do it today and link up with her when she posts later in the week. I hope she doesn't mind! You know how this works, you list what made you whine, or makes you need to have a glass of wine (or is just plain bad) this week and what you love this week! You can link up with Nora on Thursdays!


- They are trying to get our work wrapped up soon. This may mean that in the next month, I will be (a) jobless or (b) moving somewhere else. Which is not always bad, but it makes it REALLY hard to make plans with other people, you know the ones who have a "normal" life and a "normal" job. (also see: love list)

- I slacked on my workout schedule last week. I was tired, and I went to visit a friend and it was a short week at work so I just put it to the bottom of the to do list.

- Because of this, I ran a very slow pace on my run on Sunday. I just wasn't as motivated / energetic / into it as I am sometimes. Which is strange, because my run on Thursday night was really good. Running is weird.

- This week at work is really busy!

- I still don't feel ready for the half marathon on Sunday.


- As I said above, I may be moving. This could be good. Right now I am two hours from any airport, which means that I am at least 6 - 8 hours away from my friends and family. Soooo, if we move, I may be (a) closer to an airport or (b) closer overall (driving distance) to some of my friends and family. Which would be awesome.

- I got to see a good friend last weekend. Girl time was much needed and much enjoyed. Isn't it nice to be around someone that just knows YOU? It is.

- I am going to also see my Dad this weekend! I am excited about that. He is going to come to cheer me on for the Half Marathon on Sunday. It is also the District Fair that day, and although he may not go on the zipper with me (my favorite ride!) he will hold my purse while I spin around madly!

- I found this great deal online for a 8 x 11 photo book (10 dollars for a 35 dollar value!) I think there are a couple more days to buy it if you want it!

- The weather! Love, love, love! I hope it stays this way for a while and doesn't descend right into winter.

- Yes, work is busy, but it means I am feeling productive!

- The next few weeks should be crazy busy, what with busy work, busy weekends and trying to fit in training and fun, it will zoom by!

- I went to the thrift store and bought a bunch of great books for 50 cents each! I am excited to read them....whenever I find the time!! (see above comment, category: fun) I may also need a new suitcase just for my books! It's a disease, this book buying business, but it sure makes me happy!

Notice many of my wines are also loves? I guess there IS a silver lining to every cloud! 

Do you have anything exciting or stressful going on this week? 
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  1. I go to Charlotte for work this week, which is my wine and my love. It's my wine because it's a bit stressful going there because that's where our trading floor is, and it's really intense and intimidating and everyone keeps telling me I will probably get to ask each trader maybe one question so it better be good.... So yah, it is just going to be a bit interesting...

    But my love is that I get to spend the weekend with a friend I met through blogging! We are doing a 10k together. Should be a blast!!

    I am sure you will do great at the half! It's aweswome your dad will be there to cheer you on!!


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