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The travel blog I contribute to, Women Rockin' The Road, was Featured on For The Love of Blogs
Go check it out! 

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Kate, at Twenty-Six To Life suggested taking a photography class together, then maybe posting on our blogs once a week. You can click HERE to go to the FREE 12 week photography class! Click on week one, download the PDF and off we go! 

Who wants to join in!?


I buy races like I buy shoes. For a long time I hold out. I don't "need" anything. I am "trying to save money". And then...BOOM! All at the same time, I get three of them. 

So, I signed up for: 
A Half Marathon -- Sept 18
A 10 Mile Race -- Sept 25
A Half Marathon -- Oct 23 

and I am considering...
A 20 Mile Run -- Dec 4

I am hoarding races now. (my precious!)
However, ALL of them are giving me a chance to see new friends and old! 
I can't wait. 


I am giving away not one but TWO books! Come on over and enter
Ends September 7th. 


I love this:

You can find more of them HERE.


Labor Day weekend, the end of summer, the last chance to wear white. 
How did it get here so fast?

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?


One of my best IRL friends just moved to Kansas City, which is about 5 hours from me. I am excited! We are trying to make plans to meet up somewhere in the next couple of months. It's amazing how hard it is to find a free weekend between the two of us! And strange how sometimes when you are closer together, you actually see each other less?!


I just finished the The Guernsey Literary Potato Pie Peel Society .  Whoa. That's a mouthful! That makes 41 books for this year. You can go to my Bookshelf to see how I am doing in the Bookmark Break Challenge and what other books I've read so far!

How is your week going?


  1. That's how I pretty much buy everything! I wait forever and then go on a little spree buying up a bunch of stuff at once :)

    I'm looking forward to the photography course. It's going to be a lot of fun!

  2. I need to see how many books i have read this year! 41 is a lot!! Nice work!

    I am excited to run that 10 miler with you! I also have a 10k the previous weekend in Charlotte, NC with anothe rblogger friend (I go there for work and am staying with her for the wkend). And then I have Victoria on 10/9. And then now I am thinking about doing a 25k trail race at the end of October as it's local and not very expensive!


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