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Hi everyone. I am going to post today's 12 Weeks to Better Photos soon. But first, I have a little request for you guys. I recently got a Groupon for 2 (two) 16 inch by 20 inch canvas prints. I have to pick them by mid October. Do you know how hard it is to narrow your photos down to TWO!? It's such a big decision! I mean, there are so many I like, but now it's Pressure Time. Do I want landscapes or people? Travel Photos or photos of home? Black and White or Color? AAAAHHH!! And they are going to be kind of big, so I want to take that into consideration.

Can you help me? I have narrowed it down to seven. It was hard. I decided that I didn't want huge people staring at me (especially myself). It's down to travel, home and landscapes, or a combo of two. Now it's go time.

HERE IS WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP! I have to pick TWO of these to make into prints. I don't really care if they go together per se, because I can always hang them on different walls, or in different rooms. Here they are. I have numbered them so if you could let me know which number you like the best, that would be so helpful. I am driving myself crazy over here (believe me, picking these 7 was not easy and I am still doubting/second guessing my choices).

Thanks so much for your input! 

And now, the 12 Weeks to Better Photos: Week 4: Flash

Okay, so for this week's assignment, we had to play with our flash. I rarely use my flash. I feel like most of the time it washes the subject out. But, that may just mean I need more practice.

The assignment was to go outside and take photo of someone with the sun at their back without the flash and then with the flash. The second part was to go outside on a cloudy day and to use the flash to brighten up the subject.

There were no sunny days so I decided to stimulate the sun by doing my photo inside. As you can see, if the light is behind the subject, it is better and brighter to use your flash.

For the second part, we luckily (?) had a lot of cloudy days, so it was no problem. Again, the flash brightens it up just a tad, which can be helpful at times. 

I was not really super excited about this assignment to be truthful. Not only do I not like my flash (the one that comes on the camera) but I also don't take a lot of photos of people, or subjects that necessarily need lighting. However, I do feel like I learned that flash is not always bad! Maybe I would like to use it more if I had this. 

Anyway, make sure to link up over at Kate's and join us for week 5: a lesson on Composition.

Do you use your flash a lot? Do you like it? Please, don't forget to let me know which of the above photos I should put on a 16 x 20 canvas!!!!


  1. Oh...they all are so pretty - I like 6 though...but maybe because its fall rt now. :-) I use my flash 50/50. I learned alot about adjusting the flash + - --not sure whats it called but thats why your washing out your pictures. Once you make that adjustment your flash wont wash things out.
    xoxo from Houston...for a couple more hours

  2. I really like all the pics but I'd pick 2 and 5 together. 5 is my favourite and I just think 2 would work well with it (coloured, but not too vibrant to overshadow it etc. I think. I'm just trying to find words but really, I should have just said 2 & 5 and left it there. Curious to see what you end up chosing.

  3. They are all so good - it's so hard to choose! I see your dilemma!!!

    If I had to choose I would go with 2 and 6 though.

    They are all such gorgeous photos - you're so talented!

  4. I think you definitely should pick number 5. Not only is it a great contrast with the foreground and the snowy background, but it's also taken in a spot that not a lot of people have been to and that makes it unique. All of the pictures are great but this one is truly a one of a kind!

  5. My favorites are 1, 3, and 7! Dang, that is goign to be a tough choice. You have taken some stunning photographs!!

  6. 5 and 2. In 5, I would saturate the colors of everything but the mountains to enhance the contrast. Great pics!

  7. The flash assignment was probably my least favorite too :/

    I honestly love all of those top photos and I can't choose! No matter which ones you choose you really can't go wrong.

  8. I recently started experimenting with the flash, and it helps a lot in certain situations. I need a lot more practice though, sometimes it takes 20 shots before I get all the setting right, and I just have a point and shoot!


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