Getting Over The Hump

Everybody likes new music, right? And everybody likes FREE STUFF! No? Huh, well I do. If you like alternative music, I just found out that Urban Outfitters gives away 5 free songs every Monday (you can still download last Monday's songs) and a full album every couple of months.

HERE is the latest album (25 songs). I already downloaded it to make sure it was legit before suggesting it to anyone else. It is! HERE is the previous album (25 songs). This is a great way to test out new bands!! And I like this music! All you need is iTunes.


I have a post over at Women Rockin the Road today about 10 Beautiful Places in The World. Above is a sneak peek. You want to go over there and take a look. They are Beautiful. Some you may know, and some may be new to you. You may have a recommendation for me! You can tell me "where to go" either in the comments here or on WRTR!

Do you have any travel stories? Do you want to write a guest post? Email me if you do! We are looking for writers! 

Speaking of email, it helps me to respond to your comments if you have yours enabled. I am lazy today so in lieu of doing a tutorial, I will direct you to Kim's site, where she shows you step by step how to do this.

Next up this week: 
Thursday - Week 3 of 12 Weeks To Better Photos - White Balance
Friday - Fitness Friday - Race Recap and Tips on Carb Loading, Carnival Style

Now, I have a tiny rant. I am not much of a ranter, so this couldn't be a whole post. If I were Jess or Kim, I would be able to Rock this rant, but I am not. I would be better at making a list about rants, than actually making a rant. Is that what you do to a rant, you make it?

Do you guys comment on people's blogs (a lot sometimes) and never, ever have them respond? Am I the only one who does this? I was just wondering. Because there are a couple blogs where I liked the premise of the blog and I commented a few times a week for a while, and these people never comment on my blog, which I can handle. If you don't like it, I am cool with that. But these people also never even respond with a thanks or a how-do-you-do, not via comments, not via discus, not via email. NADA. And all of a sudden the other day, I thought, wait, WHY am I wasting my time when there are other bloggers and blogs (not to mention IRL folks) who I like better? 

Am I being unreasonable? Do you normally comment multiple times and never, ever, EVER get anything back? If so, do you keep on keeping on or do you drop the person already?

This actually happened to me in real life. I used to send out a bunch (I mean A BUNCH) of handmade Christmas cards every year. They would take me FOREVER to make. And I would write a note on the inside of each one and I would HAND address the envelope (and I do believe, lick the stamp!) And then I wouldn't hear back from people at all. Not a phone call, not an email, not a text, not a letter. NADA. Even the next time they saw me, there was no, "hey, thanks for the card" or "hey thanks for thinking of me". NOTHING. So lately I have been keeping track (yes, I am anal) of who says thank you, who gives something (even just an acknowledgement) back! Screw this giveth and not recieveth. I can only giveth so much to people who are "too busy" for a simple "thank you". Especially when I am busy too and I took time out of my busy day to think of them, to do something for them, to interact with them!

I know I don't always respond to every one, and I don't always respond right away, but I try to respond as much as possible, which I hope means that I am not missing someone completely!

What do you guys think? I know everyone is busy. Should I chalk it up to that? Or are these people just plain rude?

(whoa, okay, not such a "tiny" rant after all)

**whew, I do feel better though**


  1. AMEN! I feel the exact same way! I stopped reading several blog recently due to never a hello or comment or email back. I feel like if I'm spending my time reading, commenting, etc..they could at least say hello every once in a while! :-) I have redone my what I'm reading list lately.. Great Post!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  2. I'm with you. Especially on the 'more popular' blogs. I found lately that I just don't comment. I try really hard to respond via email to comments on my blog. Sometimes it takes me a few days, but I know how much I love receiving an email response, so I try. I also pare down my blog reader quite frequently based on that interaction.

    I'm bad about going to other people's blogs when they comment on mine, but most commenters are in my reader, so I get to the blogs eventually.

    How annoying about the Christmas Cards. I'd do the same thing you're doing.

  3. Gorgeous picture! I headed over to look at your top 10 and I would agree they are beautiful places! Amazing pictures!!! When I think about beautiful places I have been it is funny but they all revolve around the ocean! I of course love the Cliff walk in Newport, RI...but then again that is my hometown! Some of the sites I saw in Alaska were beautiful...from salmon fishing in a stream to cruising glaciers in Seward. The fjords in Norway and much of North Norway were so clean and beautiful. Then of course my heart will always partly be in Spain with its gorgeous architecture and views....lived there and miss it! I haven't traveled very far since I had my daughter but we try to find local beauties here on Cape Cod and in New England!

  4. Oh, I have a feeling I'm very guilty of this. I'm never sure how to respond, I guess using the email provided is the best way. I also don't know if people are responding to just be nice, or do they really want a conversation to continue. I do always comment on blogs of people who have commented. I'm putting it out there that I will be better at this, not only with you, but with everyone else to. I'm glad you posted rant, it's a good way for people to look at themselves and their actions!

  5. It is a really bad habit that 90% of the population is following. No thank you for showers or baby gift (so rude!) no thank yous for anything. Its all about 'me me me' and no one else. Sad, really. If you send a homemade card to Finland I would thank you for sure, lol ;)

  6. There are a few "big time" bloggers that I just REALLY enjoy reading and will comment on occasionally even though they never comment back but I reserve the majority of my commenting energy for my friend bloggers that also comment on my blog. If someone rarely comments on my blog I might still read their blog but will rarely comment :)

    That being said, I think some of the big bloggers - the ones who get like 300+ comments per post - probably don't have TIME to respond to every comment even if they wanted to so I try to understand where they are coming from there!

  7. In general, I comment on the blogs of people who comment on mine. I am not so good about this lately as I don't have as much time to read blogs anymore, but I try to watch for commenters who start ot comment on a regular basis.

    I don't comment on the super popular blogs becuase I know they will never really get to know me, and part of commenting is opening a dialogue for me!

  8. I usually reply back to people that comment on my blog (can do that with wordpress)... Or I email people...

    When people comment on my blog, I do visit their blog--but I rarely comment on other peoples blogs!

    You did strike a cord about the Christmas card thing... the way I look at that stuff, I LOVE to keep friendships alive by sending notes, cards etc... sometimes people don't respond, but sometimes they do. I do those things not to get something in return...so don't get upset if people didn't say anything.

    :) Sarah


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