What a week. This week's title is brought to you by my brother, who was playing WWF and scored this little number. Not bad, eh?

In Missouri, this is a common sight. There's a country song where the guy talks about taking a back road and how he hopes if there is a traffic jam it's becuase of a tractor. Well, usually it is!

I did a lot of running this week.

Long Run = 7 miles

And Shopping: 

Goodwill: Banana Republic skirt = $3, Mossimo sweater = $3

Asics Running shoes: Shoe Carnival = $59.99
I also went to the Farmer's Market, which for some reason is only from 2:30 to 6:30 on Thursday. Doesn't that seem like a strange time? I mean, if you work, when do you go!? (lunch break)

I ate these in about 5 minutes.

I love tiny potatoes!

I ate the tomatoes with olive oil and salt. Yummy!
I went to Walmart to buy a suitcase and spent a half an hour looking at stuff like this. 

What are these for?

Looks like condoms, but its...golf balls!

Strange name for a golf ball.
It was HOT. I sent this picture to my boyfriend and he said, "Why are you driving so slow?" He did not mention the temperature. This does not take the heat index into consideration.

Here's where I am, in case you were wondering. I bet you didn't realize that I was so close to Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee AND Mississippi!

See the bootheel? Isn't it cute!!?
I went to the library. Has anyone read this book? It looked interesting. 

This sign cracked me up. I mean, is this a common occurrence? People forgetting? 

There was a heavy rainstorm and a casualty. Don't worry; he was rescued shortly after the wind and rain let up.

I did a little crafting. Crafting = paper cutter, glue stick, photo paper and CHOCOLATE!! 
(72% dark)

But best of all, I tried on these shorts that I bought when I lived in Sacramento (about 13 years ago) and THEY STILL FIT!!! Score!

And on that (good) note, I will end this post. 

How was your week?

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  1. Hey you are close to my neck of the woods!

    I can verify that people do, indeed, forget to flush sometimes. And I think the vast majority of that population are people where I work. :p

  2. Love the tractor traffic jam...ha! And those berry and tomato pictures made me HUNGRY. Especially the berries. YUM...oh, and awesome score at goodwill! Love that outfit!

  3. NICE word play there!!!

    Are compression shorts for running? To keep everything from...jiggling?

  4. Hello stopping by from FTLOB - nice to blog meet you! My week went well but my Saturday was crazy...hop on over if you want to read about it - it's really 3 post series...let's just say - bee happy your fridge is working! xoxo from Trinidad!

  5. Those blackberries looked scrumptious!

    The temperature looked obscene.

    And the map looked so familiar. I married a guy who grew up in Perryville (which I notice was not big enough to make the map!). My baby goes to school in Memphis. So, we will be coming through soon with a heavy laden van of dorm supplies! Beautiful area you have there!

  6. Wait, are you on wwf? If so, friend me! I am 'ldotz'. :) Love that game!

    You are looking very slim these days! Running has been good to you.

    That traffic jam type of thing happens where my parents live in ND!

  7. I can totally relate on the whole devouring delicious fruit thing. I have found myself rationing the two pints of blueberries I purchased. And the hubby never had a chance at eating any!

    And thanks for the good words. You can totally steal my t-shirt idea for your half marathon. You go girl!

  8. Thank you for reminding me to open my words with friends app. I don't have push notifications on it so I will often play all my games and then forget about it for... looks like 3 days this most recent time around. Ha!


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