Eat It: 10 Places to Eat in New Orleans

If you ever go to New Orleans, I suggest straying away from the beaten (aka BOURBON St) path and going to see some of the better parts of the city. Of course, if it's your first time, you may want to go to Bourbon St, buy a 3 for 1 beer, eat a Po-Boy and some gumbo and see if you can see what all the fuss is about. By all means, do it.

However, when I tell people that one of the main things I miss about New Orleans is the food, I am NOT talking about Bourbon St. In fact, I am not even usually talking about the French Quarter, although there are some good restaurants there as well. I am talking about the REST of New Orleans. Both the every day stuff and the extravagant stuff. 

Here is, in my first ever episode of "Eat It", my list of food you should not miss if you are in...New Orleans, Louisiana.

1. Rio Mar: In the Warehouse District: This place is a seafood heaven. Eat it: five hour roast pork (I know, it's not a fish) and the bacon wrapped tuna. All the dishes are delicious. There are tapa style appetizers which are fun to share and are all great (I recommend especially the grilled octopus and the mussels with chorizo) The owner and head chef Adolfo, has a couple other restaurants (La Boca and A Mano) in the area, both which are also good. **NOTE: If you are a fan of OpenTable, you can book your reservation through them. (Menu HERE) 

2.  Surrey's: On Magazine Street, Lower Garden District: Great breakfast, brunch or lunch place (closes at 3). My advice to you is GET THERE EARLY as they have a line if you get there after about 9:30 or 10. Eat it: yummy crab omelet, great salmon scramble and super good grits! Also, the Costa Rican is good as well. The best part is all of the homemade tables, which are old magazine clippings, beads and other things like that surrounded by resin. You are definitely entertained while you are eating! Drink it: Fresh, homemade juices! (Menu HERE)

3. A Crab or Crayfish (pronounced "Craw-fish") Boil on the Fly (map): Down at the end of Audubon Park is an area near the river called The Fly. First you go to the Big Fisherman and buy yourself some boiled crabs or crayfish. They are already pre-seasoned and boiled and ready to eat. Next, you buy a lot of napkins and beer. Then you find a friend or two or twenty seven and you go down to the fly and you peel and eat until your fingers are sore. If you need a lesson on how to eat a crayfish, I could explain it to you. Or you can go HERE OR you can watch this video (this guy doesn't remove the vein though). Come to find out, there are A LOT of "how to eat a crayfish" tutorials online! Drink it: Budweiser. Or Miller Light. Take your pick.

4. Herbsaint - Warehouse District (St. Charles Ave) - A French inspired restaurant which is a tad pricey but has an excellent menu. Eat it: fried frog legs, pork belly or the duck leg confit. (MENU) Drink it: Sazerac - a NOLA classic!

5. Dick and Jennys - On Tchoupitoulas St (read my post about that weird name HERE). Eat it: duck confit salad, roasted pork tenderoin, Mary's Flourless Chocolate Cake . (MENU)

6. GW Finns - French Quarter - This place has awesome seafood. Eat it: smoked sizzling oysters, New Bedford Sea Scallops and white chocolate and caramel bread pudding. (MENU)

7. Camillia Grill - Carrollton Ave - Eat it: Hamburgers! Supposedly the best in town, and if the line has anything to do with it, they may be right! Drink it: Milkshake.

8. Lebanon's Cafe - Carrollton Ave - Eat it: hummus, lamb chops and vegetarian dolmas! Drink it: BYO--whatever. 

9. Slice Pizzeria - St Charles Ave, Lower Garden District - This place has good pizza and even better, they have a great Portuguese wine, Famega Vinho Verde. Drink it! Eat it: spinach, sun-dried tomato and artichoke OR The Bacon, Basil and Garlic. (MENU)

10. Slim Goodies:  I have written about them before. We used to go here almost every Sunday. It is run by a really down home lady named Kappa who makes you wait out on the sidewalk (and you almost always have to on the weekend!) for your name to be called. Eat it: The Little Goat, the fancy pants or the guatemalan. Drink it: BYO champagne and make your own mimosas! 

NOTE: There are about 400 other places I could recommend, but this is a good sampling of some of my favorite places.  

My idea is to make "Eat It" a regular feature. I know I am always looking for great places to eat in every city! If you have a city that you think I may have been to that you want recommendations for, let me know!  

Have you tried any of these places? What is your favorite place to eat in New Orleans? Do you have an recommendations for me? Where is your favorite place to eat in your city?


  1. Used to go to the Bon Ton cafe on Magazine.

  2. I have never been to NOLA, but I would love to go someday! I'll have to pull up this post if/when i plan a trip there!

  3. May be more of a "Drink It" entry but the Davenport Lounge at the Ritz in New Orleans offers a light menu, great drinks and outstanding entertainment from jazz trumpet player and singer Jeremy Davenport while you dine. Totally worth a visit!


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