A Method to My Madness

You’ve probably seen the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles. It’s been a long time since I have seen it, but I remember John Candy trying to get somewhere (for Christmas?) and he has to take all these different methods of transportation. I can relate to that! I thought I would go over a few different weird ways to get around that I have come across in my travels....

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 In honor of different methods of transportation, here are a few examples! 

Egypt - the true MINI van
India - Waiting for the train. 

India - Rickshaw Taxi

India - Fancy Bike

India - "Sleeper" train

Africa - Things you can buy from the bus

Nepal - The porters carry EVERYTHING on thier back!

Nepal - Yak power

Italy - Gondolier
 What is the weirdest method of transportation you have ever experienced? Have you ever ridden on a bus with a chicken? What IS the weirdest animal or thing you have shared a bus ride with?


  1. great pics. yes- ridden with chickens (many) in a matatu (mini buses) in Uganda-but I think the strangest is sitting next to a hooded falcon on a plane.I love old fashioned sleepers though-and my overnight through Kenya was ace-even better than Egypt.

  2. The pictures of the porter in Nepal is INSANE! Wow. Love all these photos.

    Yes, I have rode a vehicles with chickens. I went to visit a friend in the Dominican Republic who was in the Peace Corp, so it wasn't a 'beachy, resort' vacation. It was a 'this is how the people of this country live' vacation. When I went back to the airport, we took a passenger van that was packed with people. And chickens. So interesting. And people 'car surfed' which I am sure you have seen - you know, where they keep the side door open and stand on the floor board or whatever that thing is called on the outside of a van for stepping on... Very interesting experience. You def have NO personal space.

    I need to sit down and write a post about my travels. I might write about that trip to the DR as that was probably one of the most eye opening experiences and also one of those trips where I broke the rules the doctor gave (like she told me not to swim in non-ocean water, but I did...). Not a big deal but I am a total rule follower so it was out of character for me, but such a great decision as we did this cool waterfall climbing expedition

  3. Love all the pics, that's so interesting to see the different types of transportation.

  4. This made me realize how few places in the world I've traveled since my modes of transport are mostly traditional (car, bus, train, plane). I did go on a horseback ride through French countryside once with people who barely spoke English (and I barely spoke French). We had fun teaching each other the words for different speeds: walk, trot, canter, etc. :)

  5. I love that movie. It was Thanksgiving he was trying to get home for.

    This post made me realize I haven't had any weird modes of transportation. A few death-defying ones, but generally pretty normal...

  6. So far, the gondola. That doesn't seem too weird though, does it? I have to say, it was one of the most breathtaking experiences I have had to date - I just LOVED Venizie.

    Found you through the FTLOB All Abroad group. I haven't linked up yet - got too excited to check out some of the other blogs!

    Nice to 'meet' ya!


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