Missing Home

The above photo is part of the FTLOB Picture Perfect Challenge. 

And here is one more I took on the same day: 

While on that walk, I ran into this:

In case you are unsure, yes, that is a rattlesnake. I don't miss him! 
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  1. I loved all of your pictures except the rattlesnake--those things scare me!

    Granted we have water moccasins here in MO that don't give you warning like rattlers do but still...

    The Irish in me wishes all snakes (at least the poisonous to human ones) would go somewhere else :)

  2. The scenic beauty is lovely. I don't know what I'd do when encountering a snake. I suppose I would slowly and quietly back away. Far away.

  3. wow, that's a close picture of that snake!

  4. So beautiful. Well, except for that rattler. Ick.


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