Ten on Tuesday (1)

Chelsea at Roots and Rings does a fun Tuesday questionnaire called Ten on Tuesday. I thought it was fun and you can do it too. I am a week behind her, but it's probably for the better since I can't always count on internet access. If you like the list, you can click on the linky thing at the bottom (this is my first attempt at this so bear with me) and link yourself so people (and me!) can see who else does it. Also, please leave a comment letting us know you did it as well!

Here is my first list.

1. What is your favorite decor item in your house?
I don’t have a house. Right now I am traveling and let me tell you, if I have a hot shower, I am really, really, REALLY happy. So, screw the couch; give me a shower and a non lumpy bed. Oh, and a blanket that doesn’t smell like pee. 

2. What is your favorite hair product?
My favorite WHAT? I am sorry, but hair I have, product I do not. 

3. Are you a good dancer?
Nope. I am white. Need I say more? The stereotype is true in my case. 

4. You get some good news, who’s the first person you call?
My Mom and/or Dad, K, Red or Mr L. It depends on the news. 

5. Would you rather take pictures, or be in pictures?
Both. I love to take pictures, that is for sure, but I am not afraid of being IN pictures. Why not? When I am old and wrinkly I will look back and say, wow, what a good looking young thing I was. It would be sad not to have pictures. They are my memory, since mine is so bad. 

6. What is your shoe style?
I am traveling. I have to carry EVERYTHING I need on my back. My shoes are hiking boots and Reef sandals. At home, I have a job in damage assessment, so usually its work boots or sneakers. I am not very glamorous. 

7. How often do you eat out?
Right now, every day. But its cheap. Normally, I cook about 5 or 6 days a week and eat out once or twice. I am always on travel status, even with work, so it is nice to get out of my hotel room for a change (and to make new friends at work!)

8. If someone has food in their teeth, do you tell them?
Yes. Or if their bra was showing or they had toilet paper on their shoe. I would rather have 2 seconds of embarrassment than….who knows….minutes, or HOURS. 

9. Do you fold your underwear? 
Yes, when I am home. When I am traveling they get kind of rolled/folded (and put into a Ziploc freezer bag with all the air squeezed out. I am weird like that. 

10. Milk, dark, or white chocolate?
Dark. Or none. I am not a big fan of sweets. 

Happy Tuesday! Do this list on YOUR BLOG. Don’t forget to link!

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