You May Be in India

You might be in India if:

1. You get hit by a motorbike in broad daylight.

2. You get head butted by a cow in the street.

3. You get head butted by a cow in the street again.

4. Kids shake your hand everywhere you go.

5. You get about 487 "hellos" each day. (and "where you from"/ "what your name")

6. There are balls, triangles and tubes of things being fried on every corner.

7. A saree is an outfit, not an apology.

8. You eat vegetarian food 3 x a day.

9. You can get a great deal on cumin.

10. You are on a train for 24 hours and you have only covered 1/10 of the country.

11. You have 3 people, a dog and a windshield on a motor scooter.

12. A lassie is a drink, not a dog. And we drink a lot of them!

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  1. LOL! This is so spot on. I'm from India though I lived there only for the last four years or so before relocating back to Kuwait. Best times ever! India is such an experience.
    Picked your blog from the sea of others on FTLOB. So glad I did. I've just read a couple of posts but I love it already. The pictures you picked out for your header are stunning. I wanna hop onto a plane right now *sigh*


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