Boston Strong SF

When I saw this post over at Pavement Runner's site, I knew that I would have to join in.

Little did I know, I would not be the only one. According to the press release, there were over 80 cities worldwide and over 2,500 participants. I know that about 250 people RSVPed for the San Francisco one, and although I don't think they all made it, there were at least 100 people.


We ran from Crissy Field down to Fort Point (the foot of the Golden Gate bridge) and back and we took it nice and slow and people talked and ran and had a great time. It was such a show of solidarity and support of other runners, the victims and their loved ones, the running community and the community in general! It felt great to be a part of it. There are so many feelings swirling around regarding the race and the events surrounding it, that it is nice to feel like you are part of a group of people that have your back, and that you ARE strong.

I wore my Boston shirt and was one of 4 people at the event who had been at Boston this year. There were also people in Celtics, Patriots, Bruins and Red Sox gear, people wearing yellow in general and people wearing any other race or Boston tops and hats. It was awesome. In fact, the news was there and they interviewed me, so I have last night's 11 o'clock news on tivo (since I will not be up!) and will watch it tonight to see if it aired (ABC and NBC were there!) Here is a little clip they put on the internet.

Did you run Boston Strong in your city?  Do you like to surround yourself with people when times are tough, or do you like to be alone?


  1. That's great! I went to one in our little town and was shocked when there were over 400 people there. It was pretty amazing!

  2. Nice job getting on the news! I think Billings had an event but it was at a bad time for me. Looks like a great turnout.

  3. Charlotte had something similar but I was obviously not able to participate since I can't even walk far these days, let alone run. :( But I think it is great that people banded together and did this.

    How I feel about having people around me kind of varies. Right now I will say that life is not going so well for me but I really don't feel like being around people because I am such a downer Debbie and I don't want to talk about things. But typically when I am going through tough things I like to be around my family. I just don't have that as an option right now.

  4. Great job! I like to gather together with people to know that I am not alone. It always feels good to get a hug from others!

  5. I think it's pretty amazing to see communities and people unite after horrific events. (Wish that were the case on every sunny day, too, but y'know...). Super cool you were one of four Boston Marathoners at the SF run, too.

  6. Amazing!! We're in together...one Mighty City (Boston) friends with the world! Great post:)!!

  7. Great job! I love that there were 4 of you who were in Boston this year. It was such a great event, I was so sad I couldn't make it to the one down here.


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