Worth A Thousand Words

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Since this is the case, I have books (tomes even) worth of photos. Luckily, because of the digital age, we can do this, without having a box, photo album or film canister full of photos. Now we have a computer full. One of my projects for this year is to go back and print out some of my photos and put them into an album. I am doing pretty well; of the 10 years worth of digital photos I have to print, I have put about 8 of them into albums so far.

I probably take a photo every day. Maybe not every single day, but most days. I looked back on January, February and March and there are probably only 2 days that I did not take a photo, either with my camera or phone. One of the things I found helps me to remember to take photos is to bring my camera with me everywhere, even when it seems like a pain to carry it.

There are so many different reasons to take photos. Here are a few of mine.

To play: As you know, each week I contribute one photo to Triptych, a site where we give you a word to interpret how you want. Each photo is different and it's fun to see what other people get out of the same word. This also goes for photo of the day sites and lists (a couple of fun ones are: Fat Mumslim's Monthly List and Capture Your 365's Monthly List). I don't do these every day, but sometimes it's fun to make a day out of it.

Triptych's SPLENDID prompt

To capture a moment: These photos are often a little blurry, but they are a freeze frame of something remarkable. Of your baby's first steps. Of a smile. A vacation. A good night out with friends. Or a bicycle ride for two down the streets of a Brazilian town, 4 seconds before you ran into the curb and fell to the ground.

He's on the handlebars, taking the photo as we are riding along.

To remember: I travel a lot and love seeing all the beautiful places in the world. But with time, memories fade and that thing that you thought you would always remember can be just a fuzzy thought. I like to take photos so this doesn't happen. Like this one of my trip to Yosemite in 2004 with my Dad and Grandma, and my botched attempt to die my hair red.

To laugh: I snap a lot of photos with my iPhone. Of signs. Of people wearing silly hats. Of "butt rub". Of naked people walking down the streets of San Francisco. Yup. That really happens.

Bay to Breakers 2010

To create: I used to just snap photos left and right without thinking about it. Now, sometimes I take the time to get the light right, or the setting, or even just the frame. And sometimes I just get lucky.

To chronicle: I use my photos in lieu of a journal sometimes, since I often fall way behind in writing in it. Also, when I do decide to finally write in my journal, I have an easy database of photos to pull from, and to remind me of what I was doing.

Thailand: food to them; bugs to me.

To show:  I take a lot of photos with my iPhone to show my loved ones, who are far away, what is going on in my life. Even if it's as mundane as "look what I bought at Target" it's still fun to feel like they are right here with you, doing boring day to day stuff, as well as the fun things. Or, oftentimes, I show you too! This photo was taken by my Dad after we reached the summit of Mt. Shasta, and sent to my Mom from the top.

I'm ready to get down now

To remind: Different that "to remember" this is more like taking photos of something to remind myself of something...which wine I DO like, what book I want to buy, or how much batteries are at one store, so when I go to the other I can compare. It's like easy note taking.

These clips are cheaper at Target

And mostly, I take photos because it's fun!

Why do you take photos? What do you take the most photos of? Do you ever print your photos out and put them in an album?


  1. I am terrible at printing off photos - so I really do not take them very often! I mean, I never even printed off the photos from my 2008 trip to France - or my 2011 one! I really need to do that, as my walls are barren right now. I love to look through pictures, though, and I am usually good at taking them while on vacation. Blogging has helped me be better about taking photos because it's way more interesting to 'show' instead of 'tell' people about what is going on in my life.

  2. I almost never print photos, but I have so so so many digital photos. I should really print more out and update the ones I currently have in frames--they're from college or older!

  3. Photography has helped me relax, reflect, and chronicle so many events of my life. It helps me connect with life all the time!!

  4. i only print the photos that i am going to frame and hang. and that probably only one out of a few thousand. crazy isn't it!?

  5. I love this! I take photos of my kids and dogs, travels, and hikes. Getting all my pictures in order is such a huge task that hopefully, some day, I will attempt:) I used to scrapbook years ago, but have let it slide.

  6. Great post! I love photos but a lot of times it's easy for me to get discouraged just because my parents are professional photographers and I feel I'll never get to their level. Then I remind myself I do this for me!!! They are so supportive to and a walking encyclopedia of photography! I'm a little behind on my albums but currently working on a scrap book. I also print some of my favorite travel shots and have a wall I've dedicated to these.

  7. I wish I was better at taking pictures. I take a lot of pictures of 'stuff' but not people/candids. My husband wants more candids. I never print any off but have made several Blurb books of photos for different things!

  8. I want to take more photos. To remember. To chronicle. To enjoy and feel like I've accomplished things. I've never been that great at remembering to snap a picture when something is happening, but I'm trying to get better about it. Instagram helps.

  9. I think my blog has encouraged me to take more pics, not just at 'special times'. I was good about getting them into albums until maybe 2 years ago. Now I need to catch up!

  10. Love love love this post! In college, before the days of digital cameras, I would buy fairly cheap point and shoot cameras and bring them with me wherever I went. My friends all thought I was crazy and feared I'd lose or break my camera. And, once in a while, I did. But, the good times I captured and the hilarious moments on film were totally worth it! Now, my camera of choice is bigger and way more expensive, so I don't bring it everywhere. I'm trying to be better about taking it out (a goal in 2012). But, I still love photography and appreciate anyone who photographs everyday life (and not just the special occasions).


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