Sick Leave

My plan this weekend was to drive to my parents and stay the night, since I had a race on Saturday morning in their area. Everything was fine until Thursday, when I felt horrible. I was achy and hot and cold and tired. Remember the yoga and weights I did? I thought maybe I was just sore from that. But it didn't get much better, so I decided to go up to my parent's house early, since I wasn't going to get anything done. Soooo...Road trip!

I arrived Thursday evening and got right on the cozy chair with my blanket. It's so nice having Mom around when you are sick, even if she doesn't do anything. Just her presence is enough. She used to feed me chicken noodle soup and orange juice when I was a kid, but this time I was so hungry! Remember I mentioned that? And the not being motivated feeling? Well, now you have it. I thought it was feed a fever, starve a cold, but I was confused; it's actually starve a fever, feed a cold, so I guess I had a cold? Whichever I had, I ate a TON of food!

There's this place on the drive up that started as a Farmer's Market type store that sold whatever fruit and veggies they had in season. Now they have all that, plus candy and tortillas and nuts and pickled things and dried things.  So I stopped and bought a few of each ($0.99/lb for brussels sprouts) and ate most of a two pound bag of dried apples on the drive. I also stopped for a Frappuccino. Once I got home at ate some coconut peanut brittle, a piece of Mexican bread (Pan Dulce) and then dinner. What the heck! I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I am usually not a fan of sweets. At all. Or bread. But these ones are red!

Pan Dulce -- This one is called a Concha
Friday was spent pretty much the same way and so I was wondering if I would feel well enough to run on Saturday. Luckily by Friday night my temperature was down and I decided to play it by ear the next day, but was leaning toward running the race. I know, I know, I need to take care of myself, but I was feeling fine Friday night and was banking on feeling even better the next day.

Saturday dawned bright and clear.

I felt good, so I decided to run. Race recap will be coming in a few days! 

What was your mom's go-to meal/drink for you when you were sick? Do you have a sweet tooth? Have you ever had Mexican bread?


  1. Aww, everyone needs their mama when they don't feel good!
    (and pan dulce? YUM!)

  2. Aww sucks that you weren't feeling well! I love that Mexican bread! We used to eat it all the time growing up and now even smelling it takes me back to my childhood.

  3. Hey, Sorry I didn't get your feature up until today. My power went out friday and it still isn't back on, but I was able to get some computer access this morning so your feature is up and running!!


  4. Being sick is much better when you are with your parents. Glad you were able to feel better in time to run!

  5. I would much rather be sick at my parents' house than at my own...there is no allotment for sick moms! My Dad used to make the best toast when we were sick....toast and ginger ale! I hope you are feeling much better!

  6. I love having my mom take care of me when I'm sick too! Glad you are feeling better and were able to run the race.

  7. Being sick is no fun but I hope the race turned out well!

  8. Glad you felt better for the race. We had the flu over the weekend. Not fun. I have a major sweet tooth, but am going sweets free for the month of March. Really hard over the weekend since the only thing that sounded good was sweets. I didn't cave though!

  9. I can't remember a time when I was so hungry while I was sick. But I DO love when my mom's around. You're so right. They don't even have to do anything besides be there.

  10. When I was a kid, my mom would make mild foods for us, like scrambled eggs, toast, or chicken noodle soup. When we had upset stomachs, we drank little sips of coke as coke actually calms your stomach (as does 7-up). Or at least those things calm my stomach!

    I am not a big sweets person. I prefer salty/savory foods. That said, my grandma made me some chocolate meringue cookies (they are GF) for our lunch and she sent me home with some and I have been snacking on those each day!

    Hope the race went well despite being sick!

  11. I always call my mom when I'm sick. I'm a good whiner.

    I'm glad you were feeling well enough to run!


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