Bookmark Break Challenge 2012

Last year I participated in AubrieAnne's Bookmark Break Challenge. She challenged everyone to get their dusty old books off the shelves and finish them! She said that if we read more books than she did in 2011, she would give us prizes! Well, I read more books than she did! In 2011, I read 66 books. Here is what I got for my efforts!

I also got free ad space on her blog for one year! This year, I plan on taking part in her challenge again.

My personal goal is to read at least 52 books this year, or one a week. I also think I already mentioned this, but I would like to try to read at least one book a month that I already have laying around. I am going to try not to buy any books this year (except for the ones I buy with my B&N or Amazon gift cards!) This means I will be downloading a lot of free classics from Amazon as well as reading a lot of free reviewer books from Dorrance and LibraryThing. I also plan on reading a lot of library books. At least that's the goal!

Last year I not only took part in AubrieAnne's challenge, but I also joined an online book club at The Many Thoughts of a Reader. We are currently reading State of Wonder by Anne Patchett. One of my other book goals for 2011 was to read more classics. I did read A Christmas Carol as well as several of the Anne of Green Gables series, but I need to get more on the ball this year for that.

You can find out more about what I am reading, reviewing, planning on reading and hoping to read on my BOOKSHELF page. Also, if you haven't already, come see what I am reading on Goodreads!

What are your book related goals for this year? Are you involved in any book clubs?


  1. My goal for this year is simply to read more than I read last year. I don't know if I will do it because I read a lot in 2011, but I'm going to try. So far I have 3 done for 2012 and I'm hoping to finish State of Wonder by tomorrow!

  2. I, too, am not planning on buying any books, besides books purchased with gift cards to B&N, etc. It will be a challenge, but I own SO MANY books that I haven't read. And I can utilize the library. And get back into reviewing books for TLC book tours like i used to!

    Good luck on your challenge - can't wait to see what you read! Oh, and I am finally reading the Book Thief! I started it last night!

  3. I used to be in a book club and I loved it but we haven't met in years! I love books but often find myself leaving that to the end of the night thus resulting in me falling asleep! You should start an online book club! I would be so in!!

  4. state of wonder was my favorite book of 2011. amazing. i love that you'll be using the library ,of course! good luck!

  5. I'm jealous of your reading goals! I have reading goals this year, too, but they're not nearly as lofty! I want to finish one book a month. Ideally, I'd like to do more than that, but the time just isn't there. Perhaps my recent discovery of audio books will help me along. If only I'd stop listening to Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong over and over again!

    Good luck!

    I've also been trying to read more classics. I LOVED Pride and Prejudice way more than I expected. Let us know if you find any really good ones!

  6. Since I read constantly for my job, I don't have any recreational reading goals this year. I would like to unplug one evening a week and read for fun, though, but I have to get my class prep under control first.

    Good luck with your book-reading goal!

  7. I never have time to read recreationally unless I am at the Dr's office or waiting somewhere. I always have a book in my purse just in case!

  8. So impressive - a book a week! I think I'll be lucky if I finish one every 3 months. Good for you!

  9. wow-that is a lot of reding. i hardly read during term time anymore-but try to make up for it during the holidays

  10. Good for you! Great idea to read what's lying around... I have plenty of those. :) I made a very generous goal for myself of one complete book per month. I'm sure there will be several incompletes thrown in there, too!

  11. You know I'm excited about this because I love reading. I too hope to read many of the books that I already have.

    66 in 2011? That's impressive!

  12. That's a pretty cool challenge!

    My goal is to read 30 books this year. I read 29 last year, but some of them were very short, so I'm going to try to up the ante and go for more classics, including Les Mis which, in the French copy I have is 3 500 page books itself. But I'm only counting it as 1.

    This is going to be a big challenge! Especially since I'm also in 2 reading groups.


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