Come on, Ride The Train

I know you were wondering, "don't you have a marathon coming up in a few weeks?" Or maybe you had forgotten, since I haven’t talked a lot about it. I do have one coming up and believe me, I have not forgotten. Each weekend, I have been dragging myself for hours down a path, a road or a trail, so that I can get my long run in. Every week, four times a week, I run up mountains, over dales and around bear poo, in order to get those training miles in! I was joking with my Mom the other day about how it’s not the mail carrier who braves the elements, it’s the runners! I've run in hail, sleet, rain and snow! Uphill both ways! Barefoot! (okay I may have gotten a tad carried away there)

It’s been pretty cold, with temperatures in the 40s and winds and sometimes snow, but the train must go on. So, how is it going, you ask? In fact, it’s going pretty well. I have been supplementing runs alone with races on the weekends, which definitely makes the running time go by faster. Here is a quick recap.

October 30: My long run of 18 miles was a few weeks ago. It was long. I ran in a place that was new to me and I accidentally ran on the wrong trail, which took me up a hill and caused me to have to backtrack, as well as being tired due to the additional hills. It was also about 75 degrees, which I was not expecting, since I had been running in 40 degree weather. So I had too many clothes on and ended up drinking a ton of water and still being a little overheated afterwards. In fact, I felt a little nauseous, but it must have been the heat factor, because a Frappuccino made me feel much better!

November 6: Luckily the long runs are staggered, so for this weekend I only* had to run 14 miles. I took advantage of this and signed up for The Almond Bowl Half Marathon. It went really well (click link for race recap).

November 13: The dreaded 20 mile run. This was my last long run before the taper started.  I was a little nervous beforehand becuase a) it's TWENTY miles! and b) I was going to visit a friend of mine and had never run in her area. It went fine. Another friend ended up running 5 miles with me and then heading back. I felt good actually, as in, not as bad as I thought I would. I think I am going to live, folks.

TODAY: I am really, REALLY glad that the taper is beginning. Especially since it is pretty good timing with Thanksgiving coming. I couldn't have planned it better myself.  This means that this weekend I only have to run 12 miles and next weekend, I only have to run 8, which is...I have to admit, a blessing. And then it's Marathon time! I would be lying if I told you that I wasn't nervous. 

BUT, in the last 457 weeks, okay 18 really, I have come pretty far. I feel good about that. 18 weeks ago I could barely run 2 miles. Not only do I feel more focused and healthier, but really I feel that am ready for the marathon. I may not be the fastest person there, but I will finish. I have it all tested out. I have my hydration belt worn in; I figured out what fuel works best for me; I have my lucky pair of shorts; I have a pair of shoes that will carry me. I know I can do it, but that good old reliable nervousness is starting to set in anyway. 

So, two more weeks of training and then...the big day. And a lot of turkey in between! 

*OhMyGoodness. I just said “only” 14 miles. That was weird. 

 Are you training for anything right now? Are the holidays going to cause a setback? What is the weather like where you are now?


  1. Is this your first marathon? That's always quite an experience. 20 miles is certainly intimidating, but once you conquer it then it become a landmark. I ran 20 at a flat 8:00 pace as my last long run before ironman.

  2. Great experience amazing,i never ever ran 20 miles,Good job keep it up!
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  3. oh so exciting to have completed training and start the taper. It's really funny how your perspective changes to "only a 14 miler" when you start running long.

    Looking forward to reading about the marathon and try not to get taper madness!

    New follower from the blog hop...

  4. I LOVE to travel and I love to run so we have that in common. :) Found you at the blog hop, look forward to reading more and I'm now following. :)



  5. You have come such along way in a relatively short period of time. I know 18 weeks seems like forever, but really, from 2 miles to a marthon in 20 weeks. Wow!

    You are gonna do great!

  6. I'm so excited for you Kyria! You've trained. You're ready. And you're going to do great!

    No. I'm not training for anything right now. I wish I were. The weather here in Ohio is weird. We go from 60/70s to 20/30s daily. And rainy too!

    I can't explain why but for the first time I'm going into the holiday season with little worry about setbacks. Huge difference compared to previous years.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I think as long as the twenty went well you're good to go. Exciting! I keep waiting for cold weather here, but nope - even if we have a warm day, the next day will be hot and muggy again. My last 20 miler was in 70's and 80's. Boo!

  8. Congrats on finishing your training! I'm so impressed with the training for a marathon, let alone the actual race. Good luck with the race!

  9. I'm looking forward to hearing about your marathon! Sounds like you are well on your way to a great race!

    I ran this morning in 60F rain... that's about as bad as it gets here in coastal CA.

  10. CIM is such a good one! I did it twice a long time ago. I have a bunch of friends who will be there this year :)

    You will have a GREAT run! Sounds like you're well-trained :)

  11. I'm so excited for you! You're so close to your goal!!!

    And, other than the 10K turkey trot this week, I have no immediate goals. Kind of sad really.

    The weather here is perfect. 75 during the days. 50 at night. You couldn't ask for anything better~!

  12. I have been a bad friend and have not been asking you about your training! But I Have been thinkign about you! I just kind of forgot it's late November so I totally didn't even think about the fact that you are in taper mode now! It's the best feeling! I am so excited for you and know you are going ot run a strong race!!

  13. I'm training for a 5K and finally got up to two VERY SLOW miles. But I'm excited. And you have to start somewhere, I guess.

    Good luck with your marathon! I know you'll do great!


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