7:12 Shooting Outdoors and Macro

Ah...Week 7...shooting outdoors, (<----pdf here) where once again you need to have a "subject". So...I have to admit, I went fishing through the archives and used my little niece as my guinea pig this week. This week we learned about shooting outdoors and what things you may compete with out in the big wide open.

First, you need to try not to have your subject in harsh sunlight. At first you may think that it's great to be outside becuase there is plenty of LIGHT! But, alas, another problem with photography is that you can have too much! So, you may get subjects that look like THIS. Too much sun makes squinty eyes and harsh light/shadow combinations. 

(Actually she looks pretty good. I look like a classic "DON'T")

It is better to put your subject under a tree, an umbrella or a porch to get a result more like this.

The other thing this lesson talks about is using an overcast sky to your advantage. Now you CAN stand outside without an umbrella and you don't have harsh light. The clouds act as a natural filter.

I am not exactly sure why the authors of this lesson did this combo, but this lesson also covers Macro, or close up, small photography (maybe they didn't want 13 weeks of better photos?) You can use the "flower" setting on your point and shoot to get really close to your subject and get the fine details. I actually used my point and shoot for these. With a DSLR, you can use the flower setting, but it works better to have a macro lens, which I have not yet splurged for. They do have an adapter you can use that is a little cheaper. Or you can turn your lens backwards with THIS and you get a fun effect!

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Have you ever taken one of those bad squinty sun photos? What's your favorite thing to photograph close up?


  1. Love the last picture! Great job with the detail!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  2. You really have a good eye for photography and I am loving these posts. I have learned so much!

    And your niece is so darn cute!!

  3. Look on my blog....I have a classic squinty eye shot...I look like a pirate!

    I love photographing leaves close up and things like my daughter's hands and feet. It is all in the details! Your niece is adorable!!!

  4. Love the photos of your niece - she's so precious!

  5. I love the last picture too! I really need a good camera so I can take cool shots like you!

  6. Your niece is adorable! Great shots. I don't know why they put these two things together either. Seems really weird to me too. Regardless, your photos are great :)

  7. Wow. I've used the macro setting before, but I've never gotten photos that look like THAT. Need some more practice...


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