Fish Are Jumping and The Cotton is High

First, join us over at Women Rockin' The World, Topic: Food, where Sarah talks about Biker Food. Later this week I will talk about Being a Vegetarian in Argentina, the Beef Capital of the World. Don't forget, if you have a travel story, we want to hear it!

And now for our regularly scheduled post. A while ago, my friend Lisa did a post about her childhood and some of the things she remembers for each season. Her first installation was Summer and she invited us to join in. I better jump on that boat before it sails! So, here are a few things, Lisa style, that I remember from...When I Was A Child.

Cousins: Every summer my cousins would come and stay with us and we would do everything together. Even though they annoyed me half the time (especially one, but I am not going to name names), it was great having them around and they were all like brothers to me (and one little sister). We would go to the beach, play board games, watch movies, throw water balloons, annoy each other and do all those other things cousins do.

The Beach: Nope, I did not live near the ocean. However, I was only steps away from the beach at the river! We used to go to the beach almost every day. We would play the white rock game, where you throw the white rock (quartz) into the water and everyone races to get to it first. Whoever gets there first gets to throw it the next time. (We also used to do that with pennies in the pool).  We would build sand castles and bury each other up to the neck in sand. We would have swimming races and contests to see who could hold their breath under water the longest. It was all so much fun!

My brother and I. Notice the beer cans? Good times!
Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Don't ask me why, but this, along with Gulliver's Travels, were our two favorite movies to watch for at least one summer, if not more. I remember being grounded becuase I threw sand at my brother and my two punishment choices were (a) no beach the next day or (b) no movie. I chose...no beach the next day! WHY!? I guess it was an instant gratification thing.(p.s. Remember when he makes the mountain out of mashed potatoes? We used to do that all the time!)

Mudballs: We used to have contests to see who could make the best mudball. By best I mean, it has to be very round and smooth and when you throw it, it CAN'T BREAK. If it breaks, you did not make a very good one. There is an art to this, believe it or not. I can't tell you the secret though, or I would have to kill you.

Working: Yup, I said working. My parents used to run a summer resort, with cabins, tubes for rent, a bar, restaurant and general store. Many (MANY) hours of each summer was spent working. I didn't necessarily enjoy it at the time, but now I can look back upon those times and laugh. I remember having to be the tube renter girl. I had to sit with all the tubes and fill out paperwork and take money when people wanted one. It was near the beach. However, I could not GO to the beach, but I could hear everyone else having fun at the beach while I was stuck renting tubes. It sucked.

Reading: When I wasn't working, watching movies with my cousins or going to the beach, I was ALWAYS reading. I remember reading anything I could get my hands on. I would read my Mom's Agatha Christie books. I must have read A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (my favorite) about a million times. I love Laura Ingals Wilder and Nancy Drew and CS Lewis. I read the Sweet Valley High series and all the John Grishams and even my grandma's trashy romance novels (when I was a little older, of course).

Campfires: We used to have a campfire almost every weekend night. We would roast marshmellows and eat s'mores and roast one side of our bodies at a time (oooh my legs are burning! Turn around! Ooooh now my butt is burning!) We would go swimming at night and then go stand at the campfire to dry off and warm up.

Sleeping Outside: The best part of summer is that we used to put a mattress in the back yard and we would sleep outside in our sleeping bags under the stars. We would count shooting stars and tell ghost stories and talk about the adventures we were going to have when we grew up.

The Big City: When I got a little older, I used to go and visit my Aunt and Uncle in the Bay Area and they would take me school clothes shopping and we would go bike around San Francisco. I felt so grown up hanging out with them.

At Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco (Yes, I know my sweatshirt is awesome, but NOT as cool as Uncle's PANTS!)

Ah, childhood. Wasn't it great? What were your fondest memories of your Summers as a child?


  1. The summer resort your parents ran sounds really cool and fun!!

    Cousins is a HUGE theme of my summer as a child as well. I used to spend so much time with my extended family in the summers!!

  2. Spending time with cousins was a huge part of my summer, too! This was fun to read!! I should have added lawn mowing to my list. That was basically my summer job as we had a huge yard, and then I also mowed my grandparents huge yard. It seemed like as soon as i finished mowing and doing the trimming at one home, the other house would need to be mowed, and the cycle would just repeat itself - over and over and over!

  3. Funny to see all of those that talked about cousins. Same for me, we spent a lot of that time together. Summer for me was softball games, swimming parties, trip to tube the River (with my cousins) and late sunset watermelon slices in the front yard. Sigh!


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