The Story Behind the Swap

It all started when Lucy asked for recommendations for a good summer (i.e. quick, fluffy) read. She specifically mentioned that she DID NOT want anything that would make her cry. You guys all know Lucy right? She's a teacher who loves to read, with a super sweet husband who does stuff like buy flowers for no reason and two cutie kids who sometimes chew things.

Have any of you read Marian Keyes? She's Irish and she used to be an alcoholic and she does a lot of stuff with charities such as To Russia With Love. Anyway, when she is not writing non-fiction about this stuff, she writes romantic fiction, i.e. Quick Fluffy Reads. So I suggested Lucy try reading one of her stories.

A few days later, on Kim's blog, Lucy mentioned that "someone" had suggested she read a "certain author" and the book she picked on that person's recommendation was...you guessed it...SAD. And it made her cry! Which is exactly what she didn't want.

So of course, I knew that "someone" was me, so I emailed her, begging forgiveness. She of course made me beg for a while, but finally gave in. And then, I offered to send her some books to make up for it. She, being very gracious, accepted and offered to send some back.

So, the book swap was finalized.

Today, I got my books! Thanks Lucy! Sorry that the author I recommended when you specifically asked for no sad books was sad! I'm excited to read them, as they are perfectly fluffy reads and will go by fast and be great for a day of mindless reading, which is just what I NEED right now!

I wonder, do you think she snuck in some sad ones just to get back at me?

If anyone wants them, I would be happy to send them on once I am done with them. I am trying not to accumulate too much stuff. (no more book hoarding!)

If you want to find out more about what I am reading, go to my Bookshelf.
For Book Reviews, go HERE.

What are you reading right now? What is your favorite book of all time? I am always looking for recommendations!


  1. No, no revenge books, I promise! And I like how you graciously don't mention that it took me a MILLION years to get those books to you! I'm such a slacker!

  2. Since getting the iPad and reading on that, I have been reading up a storm! LOVED the Hunger Games. And just finished The Help. Both were awesome. What a fun idea. Enjoy your reads!

  3. Thanks for giveaway. Following through GFC and FB.


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