All The Ladies In The House

Are you a lady? (Sorry fellas, it’s not about you this time).

Do you like to travel? Do you sometimes travel by yourself?

OR…are you afraid to travel because of horror stories you have heard?

OR…Do you have a horror story you want to tell?

OR…Do you have a tip? An antidote? A happy moment? A scary one?

Do you have any questions?

Well, if you do…I have something for you!

My friend Sarah has started a new travel blog called Women Rockin’ the Road.  She has asked me to be a part of it and I think it’s a great idea. Her and I plan to co-write some stories of our times on the road as women – how sometimes the horror stories your grandma told you are myths…and sometimes they are true but you deal with it.

What we hope to accomplish is a few things: ladies, it is always good to hear other people’s stories to get an idea of what you are up against or in for. Also, we hope to debunk any fears people may have that travel for women is unsafe. We also hope to talk about and figure out ways to get around challenges. And of course, we try to be funny if possible. Don’t we all?

So, please come on over and check out what we’ve got started. 

Also – and this is the most important part. We want YOU to contribute. We will be looking for a person to guest post once a week if possible.

What’s your story?

If you don’t have a story, perhaps you have a question you want to know the answer to.  For instance: where do you go to the toilet in Nepal? Good one! We will be happy to answer anything!

Tomorrow I will be posting about traveling alone in a scary place.... Stay Tuned!  

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