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Today For The Love of Blogs is hosting the Fab Friends Friday blog hop.

I just wanted to say THANKS to Kimberly at Yep They Are All Mine because she solved a problem for me! It has been bugging me for a while that I couldn't figure out how to make my blog accessible by mobile because I know that I use my phone a lot to look at people's blogs and it is a pain to have to zoom, zoom, zoom in order to make a comment. Well Kim let me know how to do it and let me tell you, I am a dunce! It was SO EASY.

So just in case you too are a blogger dunce like me, I am going to rehash what I had to do to make it work. Thanks Kim! You are a blog-saver! (and an EYE saver!)

1. Go to draft.blogger.com (yeah, why I didn't know about this, I am not sure)
2. Go to your SETTINGS
3. Go to Email & Mobile
5. Save. You are done.

The key was the DRAFT blogger, which I was not using. Once I got onto that, it was a cinch. I suggest everyone do this, as I personally think it makes it more likely that people will comment on your blogs since it is so easy!

Also, I have not played around with it yet, but Kim also said there are many more fun things to do in Draft that you can't do in regular blogger. So, if you find out about anything else I should know about, please let me know!


  1. Thanks for the tip! I'm really enjoying having a look around your site. Love me some travel blogs! Happy Fab Friend Friday!

  2. OK -- I didn't know about draftblogger either. just changed my mobile settings -- easy! thanks kyria!

    love that your mom took the facebook plunge!


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