Random Shmandom

- AubrieAnne over at Who's Your Editor featured me on her Weekend Wonder series! Go over to her site and check it out if you get a chance!

- I got an email from a coworker the other day saying:

You guys still in Asia?  From your blog, you must be near a library somewhere. 

Geez, is it THAT bad!?? I guess I HAVE been talking a lot about books lately. The reason is this -- we have been mostly in places where we have been doing some relaxing and reading and not as much sightseeing. I know, it's boring. So I haven't really had anything "interesting" to say. So I apologize! Gosh, ST always keeps me on point! Thanks ST!

- And YES, we are still in Asia. In fact, we are in the airport flying from Bali to Seoul as we speak. I decided to put a new widget on my sidebar telling where I am, so even if I am talking about books, you (ST) can figure out where I am when I am not saying it! Actually to be honest,  I must not be communicating very well at all, because I sent my Mom an email today saying, "we are heading to Seoul" and she said, "Seoul? Korea?" I mean, oops, did I not tell her I was going there? I guess not. Huh. 

- This kid I went to school with, who was um, maybe 4 years younger than me, is getting married this weekend. Man it really makes you feel old when the "kids" you went to school with are getting married. He's just a boy! How did this happen? They are really getting married young these days, I guess. 

- In Bali they put each of their chickens and roosters in a separate wicker cage each night. 

- Yesterday I saw three chicks. One was dyed yellow; one was pink and one was green. What is that all about? 

Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. I had to smile at your 'getting married young' comment :-) as Karl and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this year :-)

  2. You have an amazing blog! I love to read about travelling and everything about it. I found you on AubrieAnne's blog and I'm really glad I did. I'm now your newest follower =)

  3. I laughed out loud about your mom's response. I am actually still chuckling. Because sometimes I am a little sparse on the details with my parents so I can sort of see that happening. It's not intentional, I just sort of suck at calling my mom (I love her to death but I am not a phone person). And I"m not so great at emails any more because I can't access gmail (or any personal accounts) at work! Darn security settings!

    Good call on adding a widget telling us where you are, though!

  4. Safe travels! :)

    I feel this way communicating with my parents all the time. I once sent my mom three emails with the same thing in and she promised she had read them all and then on the phone when I said the same thing she was all "why didn't you tell me that" le sigh.


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