One of Those Days

When I was in High School and I had had a bad day (probably something like so-and-so didn't reply to my note that I passed across the room, or my brother picked up the other phone line when I was on it with my friend and said something stupid) I would go to my room and put on my favorite CD, probably Pearl Jam or Guns 'n' Roses, and turn it up as loud as it would go and just rock out.

It made me feel better somehow. To just let the music be loud. To clear my mind with other people's words. I would just sit there, sometimes singing along, sometimes nodding my head to the music, sometimes doing nothing. It was my therapy.

And it still is.  These days I normally take it out on some cookie batter or something -- you know, two birds and all that. I end up happy and I have a batch of chocolate chip cookies to show for it.

Yesterday was one of those days. When you feel like you have no control. When you wonder where your life is going. When you miss your friends and family. When you miss routine. And I couldn't even go to my room and blast my music. And I definitely couldn't make cookies. I couldn't be alone. I don't have a room or a kitchen or any space to myself. Maybe I should crawl into my backpack and hide.

It really got to me. How am I supposed to vent? The only person around was Mr. Lovely and not only has he probably heard enough already, but what I need is to be alone with my thoughts (and Eddie Vedder) in order to purge the bad ones.

So I did the only thing I could. My only option, since we were on an 8 hour bus ride, was to rock out with my iPod while staring out the window and PRETENDING that I was alone. It kind of worked. Not as good as the dancing around the room to loud music while baking cookies method, but it's better than nothing.

So now I feel better.

In case you are wondering, I put my iPod on random and here are a few that came out of it.

- The Sweetest Thing - Gwen Stefani (not my favorite song but VERY upbeat!)
- Let Me Sleep - Pearl Jam (flashback!)
- Natural Blues - Moby
- Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndie Lauper (don't they though!?)
- Thunderstruck - ACDC (okay I guess my iPod is playing all the older music first?)
and....last but definitely NOT least...

Misery Loves Company - Metallica

All I can say is. AIN'T IT THE TRUTH!!! Does anybody want to hang out?


  1. Aw, I am sorry that you had a tough day! I am the kind of person who definitely needs my own space because when I have moments/days like that, I need time alone to just listen to music or cry or whatever! Music def is very therapeutic for me!

    I hope you are feeling better today! I always appreciate it when bloggers are honest about their tough times and talk about how they deal with them!

  2. I'd hang out and make cookies with you, and I'd dance stupid with you too. (Stupid is the only way I dance, I'm not implying you're a stupid dancer.)

    I hope things look better this side of yesterday. Sometimes a new day is all you need for things to improve.


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