F is For Family and Other Random Thoughts

Well I have a lot to say, but unfortunately have not had the time nor the internet to post it! So, for now, I will give you random blurbs.

-When I first got here, I spent some time with K's family, both new and old. It was great to see her and A, to meet the new baby and to see my other set of parents. We ended our visit meeting my Mom and Dad at Brocks in Yuba City, where we gorged ourselves on banana splits.

"grandpa" Dad

- Dad put me to work sheetrocking the garage. He always manages to put together a "To Do" list for me when I am home. Actually, it is nice to be home long enough to actually be able to help him with it! Usually its just a weekend here or there and we barely have time to see each other, never mind accomplish any tasks.
After sheet rocking the ceiling

 - I met N's new baby. He's very quiet, just what I like in a baby. We had a great dinner with them, got to see another one of my sets of "parents" and to meet the new fiancee!
C and N
- I went to NYC and MA. There were a few fall colors holding on and they were really cool to see, especially in Central Park. I ate a lot of pig at the annual pig roast and had a great time hanging with Mr Lovely's family, as well as my own, who I met up with for breakfast at Cape Cod.
Goats at the farm
Brooklyn Bridge, NY
Mystic, CT

 - Then I came home for Turkey Day!! We had a great time with the whole family, mostly on my Dad's side. We played many games; I beat the boys at cribbage; I had wonderful chats with my aunts, uncles and grandma who I don't get to see very often. It was great. Here is a photo of the family doing what my Dad makes us do (as always!), which was to "act silly". I think Uncle J (middle top) is the winner in the silliness category, with Aunt D (wine glass in hand) as a close second. What do you think?
Acting Silly!
So, sorry I bored you by putting EVERYTHING on the same post, but I am not sure when the next internet opportunities will be, so I am covering my bases! I do have so many ideas about what to write, all the time, but after a few minutes, hours or days of not putting it down on paper, I forget. Once I am at the computer, I forget. Hopefully I will remember some more and I will be near the computer and I will be able to get them written down.

Next up -- I am driving from Quincy, CA to Des Moines, IA to see my best HS buddy, Red! My journey starts tomorrow! I am very excited to be alone in the car with my loud music and to see my friend, who I have not seen in a LONG time (since last Christmas I think).
Here's to a month full of great friends and family and Fun! For pictures, see my flickr site.

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  1. gorgeous babies, gorgeous goats, and gorgeous wilsons!


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