The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

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Its almost that time of year again. Holiday Pals time! If you did not participate last year, now's your chance! What is Holiday Pals, you ask? Well, it is a way for you to find new recipes, new ideas for crafts, to share your recipes and photos with others and to see what your friends are up to during the holidays.

All of us always need new things to try and at the holidays especially, we all like food! So, please join us. Even if you just come to the site to find a new thing to make or to see what people are up to these days, we are happy. But...we are even happier if you send us your favorite recipe, photo or idea, holiday or otherwise (personally I am always happy to learn about new COOKIES to make).

See HERE for our explanation from last year of why we wanted to start this blog.

Here is what you can do if you want to contribute:

- Cook your favorite thing(s).
- Take a photo of you with your delicious item (if you are shy, you can just send the food item only. If you don't feel like doing that, just the written recipe is also fine).
- Send the photo and a written description to ME or LEA. We will post it online for you.
- Come check out the site to see your item and to find more items from other people.
- Multiple entries are encouraged.
- HERE is an example of what we like. 

 **OR you can just send a photo of yourself celebrating holiday cheer! We like all things holiday!**

If you just want to browse:

-We are trying to make sure all items are tagged. This means you can go to the section on the left where it says "LABELS" and if you want to make chicken, you click on chicken and all the chicken recipes will come up in a list.

- We will try to tag by name as well. This means if you love a recipe that "Lea" sent in, you can go to the "labels" section and click on "Lea" and all her recipes will be in a list.

- Please click on the "FOLLOW" icon on the left hand side and when new recipes are submitted they will be sent right to your reader.

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