Looking Back: August

August was a good month! As usual, it was filled with lots of outdoor activities, family and friends! I love summer!

Running: In August I clocked 197 miles. About 122 of those were in the Wind River Range, and another 31.5 of them were from the Tamalpa Headlands 50k. Other than that, I actually had a couple of "easy" weeks! I actually biked about 41.6 miles though, which brings me to a total of about 141 miles, which is 78% of my 180 mile goal for this year! This month I kind of fell short on the yoga front, and I only did 2 sessions.

Reading: I thought I would read a lot on the hiking trip, but usually we were so tired that we went right to bed (sometimes as early as 7 pm). So, that plus the driving took out about 10 days of reading. However, thanks to audio books, I did "read" 5 books in August (sorted by preference / audio books in italics).

Her Every Fear ****
Think Like a Freak ****
Dreamland Burning ****
The Light of Paris ***
The Body of Death ***

Travel: I was not really home for even one weekend in August! The first two were spent in Wyoming; the third near San Jose and the last in Marin County at my grandma's 85th birthday! It was a busy month of events and travel.

Haystack Mountain, Wind River Range, WY
Wind River: Looking northeast from Chimney Rock @ 12,000 ft
The Eclipse. I didn't look at it, I swear!

SF Giants game with Dad
SF Giants game with Dad

Etc.: The garden is in full swing. I have tomatoes coming out of my ears! Speaking of ears, the corn has ears now too! I am not sure when they will be ready to pick, but it's so exciting to have a new vegetable in the backyard. Also ripening are the figs, cucumbers and zucchini. Still pending potatoes (maybe) and hot peppers. Interestingly, this year I had a lot of volunteer squash and tomatoes (aka, they replanted themselves from seeds from last year) and they are actually bearing fruits! I have canned regular tomatoes and tomato salsa and will probably do another batch of canning next month, likely tomato sauce and/or more plain tomatoes.

I think this qualifies as a plethora.

Snack Time! 
How was your August? What is your favorite in-season fruit or vegetable?


  1. That wind river photo is beautiful - looks cold though! Also I can not believe how young your dad looks. He looks like he could be your brother honestly! You have some great genes!

    I am envious of your plentiful tomatoes. Mine got blight so I am not going to have enough to can. So bummed about that. But my tomatillos are doing awesome so I will be making lots of salsa verde. At least I can can something! My favorite seasonal fruit/veg is tomatoes. There is nothing like a locally grown tomato.

    August was not my favorite month. I had so many RA flares (got another painful one yesterday, this time in my shoulders). But the highlight was our camping trip. We had so much fun and did some gorgeous hikes. I was hoping to go again this fall but our calendar is filling up fast!!

  2. Those wind river photos are gorgeous, what an incredible hiking trip! I just read your logistics post - holy moly, sounds like A LOT of planning!!! I am sending it to my brother as he wants to get into backpacking.

    I agree with Lisa, your dad does look so young!

  3. Wow, look at those tomatoes! That's awesome. Tomatoes are my favorites.
    And great job on the mileage and booklist again. :)


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