Looking Back: October & November

You know how sometimes you go into a motivation rabbit hole and you just can't climb back out into the light?  I have been going to work earlier than normal and it's dark all the time and a glass of wine and a movie has been sounding way more appealing than suiting up and going running. Not to say that nothing is getting done. I have been revamping the backyard, which is my excuse for not running on some days (cross training!) and there is a never-ending supply of leaves to be raked. And I've purged the closets again and again. And now it's December, the month of parties and friends and eating and merriment and although fun, it sometimes gets a little overwhelming! I look forward to January, when things quiet down and I get back into the running groove. Until then, here's what's been happening!

Running: In October, I ran 167  miles. I am actually surprised at this number, as I was sick for a couple of weeks and went home to visit my parents one weekend. In November I ran 125 miles, which doesn't surprise me, as I was sick (again!) and I had my Mom in town one weekend. My longest run was the Quad Dipsea (28 miles) and man was I sore afterward! As for the biking plan, it's pretty much gone out the window, as I got a flat and I have been lazy about fixing it! I need to get back on track with that for sure! However, I have already reached my 2,000 mile running goal for the year and have way overshot my 250,000 ft climbing goal (I have about 400,000 feet of climbing so far this year)!

Reading: In October and November, I read 5 books each month, the best being Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake, which talks about aging and having too much stuff and life in general. It was a quick and easy read that, although I am not of the same age, I could relate to a lot of the author's tales. Otherwise, a lot of them were just so-so and I especially was not a fan of The Nest, which got great reviews or A Little Life, which was really depressing and just went on and on.

Travel: Having traveled a lot during the summer and then gone on vacation in September, October and November were more like decompression months, where I stayed home a lot and worked in the yard and/or around the house. I did get up to see my brother a couple of times in Santa Rosa, I went to visit my parents once and I took a couple of smaller trips to Auburn, Sacramento and Tahoe. I found a great video game arcade and bar in Sacramento that has all of the old games, like Donkey Kong and Mrs. Pac Man. Along with pizza and beer and the fact that the games still cost a quarter, it can't get much better than that!!

December is almost over and Christmas is nearly upon us! I hope that you and yours have a great time wherever you are and I will see you all next year!!

What do you like to do when the weather gets cold and its dark outside? What are your plans for the holidays?


  1. Well done on all those miles, especially since you've been sick and busy with other things! My return to running is still kind of not going super great so my mileage is low, but I have done other things like spin class and body pump. Plus this is sooo not a good season for running so it's a good time to focus on other things. It's been bitterly cold here and I finally had a mostly plan-free weekend so I totally hibernated and got stuff done around the house this past weekend. Plus we are up to our eye-balls in wedding planning since we are having a short 5-month engagement (wedding is 5/19/16 - save the date!! (but we totally do not expect you to fly in for our wedding!)).

    For the holidays, we are driving up to my parents after work on Friday and will stay there until Christmas morning. Then we'll head back here and go to Phil's mom's until the 26th. It worked out well that we could see both sides of the family over Christmas. We spent Christmas with Phil's mom last year, so this was the year to go to my parents. I'm glad my parents are understanding that we need to leave on Christmas Day to go to Joan's as she'll be alone otherwise. Down the road, I'm hoping she can join us but she needs to get a bit more comfortable around my family first.

  2. That's still a crap ton of miles. I really enjoy the cold & dark part of the year, so this is great for me. We're doing a few days in SC with my parents, but that's about it for christmas travel.


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