Best Of 2014: Running

The last year of running has been an interesting one for me.

A few things happened; first I started racing with a team. I joined in order to be more competitive, but what I didn't realize was how many great people I would meet along the way. I have not only made friends within the team I am racing with, but through them, have met many other great people. In addition, once or twice a month, I have been running with a group on the weekends, which is totally new to me. And I like it. Usually I run as a solo artist, but I am beginning to learn that sometimes the miles go quicker when you are with a friend.

Last year I ran 2,552 miles and it was an interesting journey...Some of the highlights were:

Marlette Lake Trail

Running with my friend Kelly. In May, I ran a couple of races where I was injured and under-trained and so I got to run a few races with a friend who normally is a little slower than me. It was a really great chance to get to know each other better and this camaraderie carried easily through the year. In November I had the chance to pace her for the last section of a hundred mile race, and it was good to feel like I was giving something back to her, as she has been super supportive to me this year.

Tahoe Rim Trail

Road trips! It started off in January with a road trip to Sacramento for a race, and the year continued, with road trips for both my own races as well as others. Two of my favorites were a trip to Forrest Hill / Auburn for Western States where we cheered people on and ran around the trails a bit while we waited. The second was a trip up to South Lake Tahoe for the TRT 100. I got a ride up with a virtual stranger who is now a good friend, and I had a great time running on Saturday and cheering for everyone on Sunday. Sometimes the most fun part of the race is the after party and being part of the crowd. I also flew to Pheonix to pace/crew a friend and that was a very exciting trip as well. There is nothing more satisfying than being a part of someone's joy and success.

Getting 2nd place overall female at the Tamalpa 50k. As I was running through the aid stations, people kept shouting out that I was third, and I thought that they just could not count very well, or had missed someone going by. Then at the second to last aid station, they said that I was 2nd woman, and I just thought that this proved my point that they were not really paying enough attention. When I came through the finish shoot, the race director put his arms around me and told me I was second and I was floored! In addition, I got a cool fleece pullover and a drop bag for my efforts!

Anthony Chabot Park

Seeing Broski become a stronger runner as the year has progressed. In March, Broski and I ran the R2R2R together and although it was tough for him, he went on to run the Tamalpa 50k, his first official ultra. In addition, he has really come far in his training and has even signed up for a couple of races in 2015 already!

North Kaibob Trail

Training in the Marin Headlands. They are not really super easy to access (I have to cross a bridge and drive about 20 miles) so I often just run in my own backyard. However, when I do get extra time or have wheels, I love to treat myself with a run in the headlands. The weather is great, the views are fantastic and you can get a decent amount of vertical climb in a relatively short time.

Getting an award!! My running club voted me the ultra runner of the year! It's such an honor, especially since there are a lot of people who are faster, volunteer more, are nicer and who run more races than me.

There are really just too many to list. Other highlights included a Rim to Rim to Rim run at the Grand Canyon, getting to run Boston after the terror of last year's race, and running my first 100k in May. 

So what is on the agenda for this year? Hopefully more fun, more road trips, races and friends. Definitely a lot of hard work, as I have signed up for a 100 mile race this summer! It will be interesting to see where my training takes me and whether or not I become a sniveling mess after running 80 miles.... More on that later!

What were your top running moments in 2014? What are your 2015 fitness goals? 


  1. Man that is A LOT of miles you put in last year, though I'm not surprised. You're such an awesome and dedicated runner. Congratulations on getting that award from your club. That is super cool and well deserved (even if you don't think so ;) )

  2. Over 2000 miles! Dang! I always put a goal of 1000 miles in a year and I haven't hit that in a long time. Good luck with your training for your 100 miler. That seems daunting.

  3. Your running always impresses me, especially all those 50Ks! Congrats on the award. Sounds like a good group to run with. I've always wanted to run on the headlands date seeing a few bloggers down there post pics of their headlands runs. The view looks amazing.

  4. Great running year for you with a lot of accolades. Keep up the good work!

  5. You had quite the year in terms of running! I am impressed with the number of miles you ran.

  6. Wow, you had an amazing year for running! I don't think I knew you finished 2nd at a race so congrats on that! And I think the award is much deserved as you are so hard working!

    2014 was a great year for me for running. I ran 787 miles which is way more than I thought I would run! Top moments were returning to running in late January, running my first race in March, running my first double digit long run in the summer and completing my first trail race and running every step with Amber!!

  7. Wow! I'm impressed! This is a lot...a heck of a year! And 100 miles?! I'll be doing my first ultra (50k) here in Oregon in May. Boston will be a training run if I can really do that with all the energy there. Saving your blog to my blogroll so I can read more and get some inspiration with ultra running!

  8. Btw, you were on my blog roll already until I tried to revamp a few things and lost it. So now I'm starting over and glad to have you back . :)

  9. Hi! Shoot, I just left a long comment here, and I don't think it worked! I found you through Nora, and it seems we have a lot in common, especially the running! Kudos to you for all those major accomplishments in running this year- that's awesome!
    Fitness wise, some of my goals for this year are to keep consistent with my running, improve in both time and distance. I'd love to do a relay, reach the beach, or ragnar one of these days this year. Also, you kind of motivated me to look into joining a running club or team! I generally go at running as a solo sport, which I really love, but I was just saying to a girlfriend today how nice it would be on this freezing, dark mornings, to have a buddy for some of my runs! Thanks for the inspiration to think about maybe joining a team!
    Nice to meet you! (And I hope this comment works- sorry if there ends up being two!)

  10. Congrats on your Tamalpa 2nd! And on so many miles put in. I'm hoping to really get back into my running this year. Best ever 'only' 13 miles, but just love the feel of my body working well - for those few mid-run minutes when it all comes together!

  11. I love to read about all the events you enter. Just awesome!

  12. This year, I also planning to have more time in running. It is really a good form of exercise. I wish I can also document it like you do. Anyway, thanks for sharing this article. I am really inspired by your post.

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