In Like a Lion?

Yup, it's my third post this week! Already I nearly have more posts in April than I did in March! 

March is supposed to go in like a lion and out like a lamb. As you know, I live in a pretty temperate area, so we don't get a lot of temperature fluctuations. However, we had some rain (yay), which was very much needed, and a little bit of snow in the mountains toward the end of the month. So I am not sure if the lion/lamb theory is true.

The stats of March are thus:

Reading: March was a month of Non-Fiction and half read books. I got a bunch (aka too many) of books from the digital library and they expired before I could finish them. When that happens, you have to put them on hold again, and so I will finish them later, but currently, I am half into several books. I did finish two books: Don't Know Much About History (audiobook) and Economics for the Rest of Us: Debunking the Science that Makes Life Dismal. As you can see, they are not the most "exciting" books ever, and were hard to get through at times. I am also trying to read the news every day, which is taking away from book reading time. The number of books I "half-read" was 3.

Running: I ran one race, Way Too Cool 50k, at the beginning of the month. I am currently training for the Boston Marathon on April 21st and the Miwok 100k on May 3rd. I have to admit, I don't think I am doing it right. I feel like I have the legs to run the 100k, but not the speed for Boston. I am not really sure how to train for them both at the same time. Knowing this, I don't expect much at Boston, but I am okay with that. Total miles run in March: 208. An interesting stat: last year in March, I ran 215 miles at an average pace of 8:55. This year, my average pace is 13:06. What a difference!

Travel: I went to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and beautiful Bakersfield by the sea this month! I also had a trip to Cool and another one to Dublin (CA, not Ireland) for brunch and a walk with a very pregnant friend. I had a great time with Amber, on her short but sweet layover in San Francisco. I forced her to eat a burrito (naturally) and we had a great time catching up. I even tried to take her to the transvestite Mexican bar in my favorite neighborhood, the Mission, but it was closed down! Darn it!

Work: One of my coworkers just quit, so we are handling his cases as well as our own, which I am learning is pretty much par for the course. Every time I start to feel like I am catching up on things, they throw something else at us. We also had our performance reviews. Mine was really good; I am very happy with it, however I was not super impressed with my salary increase. I am not complaining too much, because at least I got an increase, however, I expected it to be higher.

How was your March; was it a lamb or a lion? Do you get an annual increase/performance review at work? What is your favorite kind of book to read?


  1. March in with a blizzard... out with a blizzard, not as bad as the in one but still cold snowy and cloudy. so ready for some sunshine!

  2. March was in like a lamb for me, probably out like a lion in terms of stress. But really I could say it came in like a lion as I was pretty stressed in the beginning of the month too. I just have such a sense of desperation to get out of Charlotte so this job search is different than any other because i am not at all ok with my current status quo... but hopefully things will look up in April!

    I get an annual performance review at work but it's sort of a formality as we don't get raises - we only get pay raises when we get promoted but our bonus could vary according to our performance. Back when I used to get pay raises they were super disappointing as they tended to be like 2-3% or something like that.

    My favorite kind of books to read are historical fiction. I should read more non-fiction but it's not easy for me to get into and I need reading to be easy right now because I have too much other heavy/stressful stuff in life so that is my escape!

    I think training for a 100k trail race and a marathon would be super tough. It's good that you are going into the Boston marathon with realistic expectations, though. I hope it's a fun race experience for you!

  3. My march was a blowoff month! Totally blew it. Ok, so not that bad. But I didn't run any ultras or anything.

  4. I've been with my company for over a decade (yikes!). And our actual pay raises SUCK. They are pretty much cost of living adjustments, if that (during some of the down years during the recession, we got no raise). But, they try to structure our compensation to include a merit bonus, which is partly based on how we do as individuals and partly based on how the company does as a whole. I wonder how companies have changed their pay structures as they weathered the rocky economic storm...

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