Currently: November

Current Book - 22 Brittania Road by Amanda Hodgkinson

Current Running Path - 

Running the Presidio

Current Drink - Lipton tea with milk and sugar 

Current Excitement - I had a really fun day volunteering at the food bank this week with my family. It was nice to do something for others and to see family members that I don't see often enough.  

Current fashion trend - Yup, it's Movember again.

Current Favorite Blog/Website - Amazon

Current Garden Item - We still have tomatoes, but I turned one bed under to plant some winter veggies...TBD what kind! 

Current Love - Bat kid! Our hero! It was so inspiring to see the outpouring of support for him and his family. So inspiring!

Current Food - Mandarin oranges and persimmons.

Current Indulgence - Baked goods. 'Tis the season. 

Currently Pondering - Whether or not I want to make bread pudding, which I will probably eat most of by myself, or just throw my old loaf of bread away. 

Current Mood - Lazy: this darkness is really affecting me this year!

Current New Find - Did you know that Ross/Marshalls have exercise equipment? I even found a Nathan running belt there for about a quarter of the regular price! 

Current Outfit - I vacillate between pajamas, work clothes and running clothes. 

Current Peeve - People who walk and text. 
Current Song - This is a good running song, or is great if you just need a pep me up!


Current Triumph - I had a very fun and successful girls night in last weekend with food, drinks, dancing and fun! I need to do that more often! 
Current TV Show -  The Good Wife; I am trying it out. So far, it's pretty good. 

Current Wish-List - Printer ink. It's not cheap. I think the ink is about half the price of the printer!

Currently Delaying - Working on my Christmas cards. I know it's early but they take a while and I like to get them out right at the beginning of December.

What's your favorite TV show right now? What is your current love? What song do you listen to when you need a burst of energy?


  1. I am starting to think about Christmas cards, too, but might hold off on ordering mine until after my Paris trip in case I get a good picture of myself from there. I am lazy and just order mine online, though! I always love receiving yours!

    My favorite TV show is Top Chef, my current love is passion tea from Starbucks with a little bit of honey in it, and when I need a burst of energy I will listen to Wake Me Up by Aviici (sp?) as that has a really good beat to it.

  2. Christmas cards in this house go out the day before Thanksgiving!!! That way people get them the day after Thanksgiving and start their season with our faces!! Lol!!! Seriously though my sister and I compete to see who's card goes out first!! I love all things Pit Bull (I was more than normal excited when my hubby was doing his competition and resembled my favorite Latino!) and this song is awesome!

  3. I don't think it's too early for Christmas cards at all. That said, I'm always the one paying the rush late fees. Ugh. I've never had bread pudding, and based on what I hear, I may never. I have no off switch.

  4. Love these CURRENTLY posts. May steal this idea somewhat for next year!

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  6. That Batkid story was SO awesome. So inspiring. How fun that it was so close to home for you!

  7. Favourite TV-Show is at the moment Homeland. Christmas cards... yes, do you make them handmade? i think about sending funny emails, isn't that personal but you can also spend a lot of time :)

    Greets from Germany

  8. Current favorite TV show is an interesting question. Over the past year, I've been slowly lessening the number of shows I watch. My current favorite show is The Voice, because I can half pay attention to it while I do other things (edit photos, address holiday cards, etc.). =)


Thanks for commenting! Any suggestions, tips or praise you have is always welcome!