Randoms and Fixed

Remember the broken items of July? We are well on our way to getting those fixed! However, there have been some snags (and lags). I sent the Garmin back and I received a new one in the mail and guess what? It was the wrong model!! The one I sent them is a new one (the 410) and they sent me back an 8 year old 305! So now I have to send IT back and wait for another new one!

Speaking of that, I was really hoping to get it back before the Squamish 50k! I can't run an entire 50k in a new, cool place, with lots of ups and downs without my Garmin! What will I do!?

I also figured out the car situation. I decided to donate it to the American Cancer society. However, the process has taken longer than I thought. You have to fill out the online form, then they send you a confirmation, then you send in your pink slip and once they receive it, they come and get the car, which they then sell for cash. I lagged on sending in the pink slip, as for some reason I was worried I would do it wrong. Well I finally sent it on Thursday and will hopefully hear from them soon about coming to get the car!

The bike is fixed as well! I took it out for a test ride after I picked it up from the shop and it shifts perfectly. Plus they only charged me $30 instead of the $60 they quoted! In fact, I liked them so much that I told my friend about the shop and he asked if I could take his bike in, so on Saturday I rode his bike over there and left it with them! We are getting things fixed over here! I would like to incorporate a once a week or every two weeks bike ride into my schedule but am not sure I will be able to until after the 50 mile race in October. Luckily in the Bay Area, we can run and ride year round!

Manifesto -- Bike Shop

It feels really good to check things off the list, especially ones that have been on there for a while, or ones that are kind of a big deal. It's often easier to do the "fun" things on the list and to pass over the more tedious ones. I am glad to get these done!

What fun things have you checked off your list this summer? What tedious ones have you checked off?


  1. Wow, the wrong Garmin thing is frustrating!

  2. Wrong, ancient Garmin = mucho no bueno! I've been a list checking off fool lately: duct cleaning, school supplies, paying off THIng 1's clarinet, such excitement I can't stand it.

  3. Fix it! Garmin will get their shit together eventually. Glad you got that cool bike fixed.

  4. I sure hope you get your Garmin situation straightened out.. nice that you are donating your car.

  5. So productive! Now that you mention it I feel like all I accomplished this summer was running. Lots of running :)

    In my experience, Garmin rates pretty low on customer service. They're rarely very helpful. So much so I've been considering finding another brand but after only running with Garmin I'm not even sure where to start.

  6. love the productivity! I have been lacking this summer...seems like I just want to have fun and leave the "to-do" list for later :( I should try and change that...

  7. It feels like we have an endless to-do list in the new house and with all the details of moving... crossing off things feels good, but there's so much more to do!

  8. Fun things: tickets to Italy, passports for the family!
    Tedious things: closet reorg

  9. Sorry about the Garmin problems. That's great that your bike was fixed for cheaper than you thought. Always a nice surprise when it's less and not more than what you're quoted!


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