Wine and Love (7)

Remember Wine & Love? Nora used to host this, but she has since stopped doing it. However, she is getting married soon and so I though I would honor her by doing her old meme! Congrats Nora! I am sure as I write this she is running around like a chicken with her head cut off, trying to get all those last minute organizational things done!

In case you forgot, because it has been a while, this is where you recap what has been going on in your life that makes you whine/need a glass of wine vs what you love!


* Dogs, or perhaps I should say dog owners. I am not afraid of getting hit by a car, but I am worried that my running accident will involve a dog. People don't watch what their dogs are doing!

* Lack of sleep. It's my own fault. I have chosen to hang out with friends, read, or eat instead of sleeping. But sometimes it hits me hard in the middle of the day.

* People at work who talk about how busy they always are, but then I catch them doing Sudoku at their desk.

* The animal who is eating my zucchinis. Get your grubby paws (and teeth) off of my salad!! I can't figure out what it is..squirrel? Mouse?

nibble nibble

* Omaha Steaks. I bought my brother some as a Christmas gift last year, and now they keep calling me and sending me crap and emailing me. Go away! Stop calling me! Grrr. 


* Evening runs! They have been cool and great and even though it's been dark much of the time, I am not hating it! 

* I went to a Giants game on Tuesday night. I was just sitting there minding my own business when 4 of my cousins and my Aunt and Uncle showed up unexpectedly. None of us knew that the other would be there! In a stadium of 45 thousand people, that's quite a coincidence!

* Chocolate Zucchini Muffins! The last time I made them, I added carrots too! Yum!

* Tomatoes! From the vine.

* Foggy mornings that burn off into sunny, crisp days.

* New running friends.

* My brother and his running. He puts his Garmin stats online, so I have been stalking him quietly. He is up to a 10k and is doing it in under an hour! I am so proud of him!

What's making you whine? What do you love? Have you ever unexpectedly bumped into a friend in a strange place?


  1. My family jokes with me that I can bump into someone I know wherever I am in the world!! The craziest was when I was living in Spain and as I was walking down the street, a childhood friend called out my name from a bus passing by!!! She happened to be going to school there too!! I totally hate people who are lazy with their dogs!!!

  2. Coat-tailing on the phone calling whine--I'm tired of all the solicitors calling lately. Has the do not call list expired??

    I'm loving the fall running weather lately, too, although mine is in the a.m.

    You need to set up a trap for the animal that is grabbing your zucchini! And I am stealing your recipe, thank you!

  3. Our garden has been devastated by animals in the last week. NOTHING left! I haven't bought from OH steaks in years and still they are relentless.

  4. Ugh dogs. Being a runner has only magnified my dislike for dogs. Did you see the last issue of Runner's World? They had a really scary dog story in there. Ugh get your dogs under control, people!

  5. I'm a dog lover and can't stand the majority of dog owners as well! We have moles in our garden that eat stuff, at least that's all I've been able to figure out. The rabbits can't get in so not sure what else it is but it's very annoying!

  6. So sad that there are so many bad dog owners out there. In my area most are pretty good, but bad owners give dogs a bad name:( You know I love dogs:) Yay for tomatoes on the vine. There are tons of green ones on my plants, but I may have to bring them in to ripen since it is starting to get cold here at night.

  7. That zuc totally looks like a squirrel got to it, or maybe even a bunny rabit (and if it was a mouse, that is one very large mouse running around your yard!).

    We gave Omaha Steak gift certificates to all the guys who stood up in our wedding ... and I'm pretty sure it took years to get them to stop calling us. Boo. Hiss.

    What I'm loving? That one week from tomorrow, we leave for St. Louis to attend Nora's wedding (and it's looking like it's going to be WARM, perfect for an outdoor affair!).

  8. Ugh. Dogs. I feel the same way. I have had to leap over leashes far too many times!

    Whine: My hotel reservation got messed up for marathon weekend. They got my name wrong, so got my email address wrong, so I did not get the confirmation (and didn't notice because i was so busy with CFA studying when I booked it in March), so I did not know that they booked it for 4/20, not 10/20. I realized all of this when i called today to get a late check out that day. They had charged me in April and I thought they were just charging me in advance, but it was because I was a no show for my reservation. But they are refunding me since they made so many mistakes.

    Love: The fact that I can stay with Iowa Amber (there are no rooms available in downtown Des Moines).

  9. As a dog owner who regularly runs with my dog off leash in the OFF LEASH dog trails I think my whine/wine is a) when people give me dirty looks for having my dog off leash (they are OFF LEASH TRAILS PEOPLE) and b) when people try to pet or play with my dog and get her all riled up!

    I only ever let Chloe off leash in the off leash trails though and I try to be respectful and re-leash her, grab her collar or get out of the way if we see other runners!

  10. My little bunny eats veggies like that too. Good luck finding the culprit!

    I am seriously making those muffins this weekend. Swears.

  11. Oh no on the veggie vandal. I hate that. And the dog thing too, dogs freak me out while I'm out running, I'm so skittish.

    Awesome that your brother is running!

  12. Your brother sounds like a natural runner and he's fast just like his sister!

  13. Funny that you say that about "busy" people: that drives me crazy, too, but for a different reason. I've decided that talking about how busy you are (and this goes for anyone) is a subtle form of bragging ("Look, see, I'm so in demand, popular, skilled, hard-working, put-upon etc."--all those words are the new synonyms for "busy"). So I've refused to let those words cross my lips. There's always someone who is busier and someone who isn't as busy in this life.


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