Do and Do Not (4): Running

Remember the Do and Do Not posts? I haven't done one of these in a while. After the last time I did one, I ended up going running without wearing underwear, and it was fun.  Let's see what this one brings about.

I do:

- Try to run at least 20 miles a week. Even on a busy week, I try to run at least 20 miles, for several reasons. It makes me feel so much better if I have run during the week. It keeps stress levels down, releases endorphins and just makes me an overall more relaxed and happy person. But also, I know that it has health benefits, so I try not to let myself get lazy and put it off, when I know deep down that it's doing me good!

- Run different routes. I am a creature of habit. However, when running, I love getting to know my neighborhood. I have a few parts of the loop from the house, the start and the end usually, which are generally the same, but not always! My loop changes and each day I get to know more and more of my surroundings! Also, I like to go out on the trails once or twice a week and each time, I find a new hidden gem in the forest!

- Carry my phone with me when I run. This is for a few reasons. One, I use the camera. Two, I use it for music. Three, if I need it, I have a phone. I have only used the phone once or twice, and usually on an incoming call. I have never (knock, knock) had to use it for an emergency. In case you are wondering, in case of emergency, I also wear a Road ID, carry my bus pass and have my emergency five.

I have a lot of gear

- Wear a sweatband on my wrist (it is also handy for wiping your nose and mouth). This has been a more useful thing than I ever would have thought. I not only use it to wipe moisture in all it's forms from my body, but I also use it to hold my half eaten Gus (see below for clarification).

I do not:

- Like Gu. I know you all know this, since I talk about it a lot. However, I need to clarify. I never BUY Gu, but I have several different flavors that I have gotten as race swag and have been trying them all, just to see if I would find one that I like. I have found some that are not as bad: the Roctane Chocolate Raspberry for instance. However, like I stated above, I prefer to eat a quarter of it at a time, over the course of maybe a half an hour or an hour. One I really don't like? The Power Bar Strawberry Banana Gel. It made me want to hurl.


- Wear compression socks. I am not saying I don't like to, I just have never tried it. Tell me folks, what's all the fuss about?

- Wear running skirts. Or skirts in general. I hate my legs. I am a pants wearer. I only wear running shorts because I would die of heat exhaustion if I didn't, but I wouldn't mind if they were longer. Whatever, it's about function not fashion.

- Foam roll. I know, I know. I should do it. Misszippy recently linked to this article, which talks about whether or not stretching is actually good for you or not. If you go through some of the comments, he does endorse foam rolling, just not unnatural stretches. Personally, I have been lucky to not be injured and I feel great after long runs, so I have never gotten into the habit.

- Take ice baths. I tried it once, and didn't notice a difference, so decided not to subject myself to the pain and anguish. I would rather do a drink-wine-and-wear-warm-wool-socks-and-pajama-while-watching-Greys Anatomy recovery period. It sounds much more enticing.

Do you do any of these things? Are there any things you do that you think I should try? How do you feel about running skirts?

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  1. I'm with you on most of these! Especially strawberry banana power gel. Gross!

  2. I also try to run at least 20 miles a week. I tend to run the same route when I run alone, but our run coaches switch it up all the time so it's always a different route when i run with them (but on a repeating schedule as there are only so many places to run from where we start!). I do take ice baths, but only after 20 mile runs (or longer). But I don't take one after the marathon. I do foam roll, but not as often as I should.

    I don't wear compression socks. I don't run with my phone, but should. I just don't have room in my running belt.

  3. I always have my phone (and road ID!) with me! I can't imagine running without it. Plus I use it for the GPS too. And yeah, I don't do running skirts, compression socks, or ice baths. I figure what I do works for me so why mess with a good thing?

  4. Just say no to running skirts. In my opinion, no real runner wears one. Of course,that's gonna get me hate mail. But I do believe in the power of compression socks and ice baths. I swear by them.

  5. I recently started carrying my phone, but I never used to. It does make me feel safer. And I skip ice baths, too- recent research makes it sound like they really don't do all that much. I do however LOVE compression! It just makes my legs feel good after a long run, maybe you'll win a pair one of these days. Aren't you pretty lucky in giveaways? :)

  6. Ha, I love your comment about hating GU. Me, too. Chocolate flavors about the only thing I can digest. Anything that is fruit only ... no, not fruit, that's doing the real thing an injustice ... anything that is foreign flavored trying to resemble fruit? That makes me want to hurl. My favorite used to be Cliff Shots ... I think they had a peanut butter one that was actually pretty good. No more. Not that I use GU anymore, but when I do, Mint Chocolate is my go-to.

    Also, foam rollers? Ice baths? I never was a fan until I threw out my back. Then, yes, I suffered through them in the hopes it'd help me walk normally and without pain again.

  7. I foam roll inconsistently, so I know I should do it more. I'm also experimenting with skipping the ice bath. But, I do wear compression socks. My legs feel good after wearing them and it helps me be cozy. But, I like your wine, pj, Grey's Anatomy plan, too.

  8. I am with you on being anti-Gu and I also don't wear running skirts. But I do swear by my foam roller!

  9. I love GU and running skirts and compression socks, too. I don't foam roll but I have used a rolling pin on my outer calves and quads.

    I tried an ice bath... but couldn't sit in it for more than a few seconds! So I stood in it and just splashed the icy cold water around my legs. I hated it.

  10. I have worn calf sleeves after and even during a few runs and they felt good--but I haven't needed them recently. Anything compression on my thighs makes me feel like a sausage but I may rethink that too as I start ramping up for a marathon soon.

    And I am NOT a skirt wearer. I just don't like the way I look in them. Capris are my favorite running attire, but I will wear shorts plenty in the summer.

  11. I do not...make time for running.

    But I really, really want to get back in the habit.


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