Then and Now: June

Goodbye June! No matter what year it is, June is a month full of birthdays, trips to places with mountains and trees, time with family and friends and lots of fun summer activities. Here we have, once again, June 2011 vs 2012, the who, the what and the where!

The Who:

In 2011, I spent time with my family in CA and coworkers in Missouri. In 2012, I have mostly hung out with Mr. Lovely, but also got to hang out in Oregon with these lovely ladies!

2011: Family time!

2012: Mr Lovely and the Lovely ladies

The What:

2011: 2 / 2012: 8

Having done a lot of travel in June, I had plenty of time to read on the bus, plane or train. Some of my favorites from this month were: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. The Book Challenge is going well, as I have not bought ONE book this year! For more book reviews, check out my Bookshelf page.


2011: 5.5 / 2012: 205

This month sets a new miles per month PR for me. I think living in Santa Cruz, as well as vacationing in Oregon, are both conducive to wanting to be outside and loving to run! I also had a few extra runs with a friend who is trying to get back into a workout routine, so I ran with her on a couple of my normal rest days. Notice that before I was showing up with all zeros for mileage for the previous month. This month marks the first month of my getting back into running last year! I had two runs last June, a 2.5 mile and a 3 mile run, both at a pace of about 9:45.

2011: 0 / 2012: 1

I only had one race this month, which was the See Jane Run Half Marathon in Alameda. This was my 6th of 12 in 2012 races and was a new PR!

The Where:

Last year I spent a lot of time doing some repair work at home, as well as working in Missouri. My time this year was spent between Oakland, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Oregon!

2011: California and Missouri

2012: Santa Cruz, Oregon, Oakland, San Francisco

The verdict? June is great! I love summer and can see that June definitely brings more time outdoors and with friends and family! You can't beat that!
What were you doing in June last year? Are you doing anything differently than you were last year?


  1. You haven't bought ANY new books this year? I'm in awe.

  2. Love the then and now idea. I think I say that every month :)

    Comparing last year and this year at this time I can only say doing MORE of the things I love this year. No surgeries or injuries and finding a way to balance it all or at least most of it :)

  3. I just read the Fault in our Stars, too. Really good one.

    Last year in June... probably not that different from this year. Wrapping up the school year for all of us, getting ready for vacations. :-)

  4. I always love these posts of yours! Your current monthly mileage is insane! It's really inspiring since you've only been back into running for a year.

    Last June I traveled to Toronto, Montreal, Burlington, and Boston. This June I traveled home from Madrid and to Alaska and South Dakota. Last June I ran a marathon. This June I ran mostly short, easy runs.

  5. Great job on your mileage this month! Last June I wasn't running quite so much, but this June I was getting ready for my first marathon!

  6. Wow, amazing mileage this month. I am definitely running more this year than I was last year. Love reading about all your travels:)

  7. I think these posts are so fun to read. It's interesting to see how things have changed from last year.

  8. I love these monthly recaps! You had some serious running mileage, wow! Plus all that reading... I am inspired. June was a great month for you!

  9. Wow - you do such a good job of staying active, no matter where you are! Last year at this time, I was just coming out of the haze of keeping Gavin away from others for the first six months of his life. We were getting used to bringing him places as well as getting used to him being in daycare 5 days/week. This year? Wow, we've come such a long way! We're out and about all the time and trying to figure out how to spend even more time outside!

  10. Love your blog post. It makes me smile because I've been to so many places too. Last year at this time, I started training for the NYC marathon (my 7th marathon, raising money for Team Hole in the Wall), and I was waiting to find out if I had my reading specialist position back! I was running and biking a lot, plus I was trying to do more swimming (which seems to be the case this yr too...LOL). Keep enjoying life....with your family, friends, Mr. Lovely:)

  11. It sounds like you and Mr. Lovely are having a great summer so far! You read quite a few books this month. I thought I'd have so much time to read this summer but the summer is getting away from me.

  12. Great shots, Kyria - shots of mountains always leave me feeling somewhat nostalgic (having been transferred from the outskirts of Calgary to back east). June is always such a great month - everything gets really green and the flowers put on their best show - before the real heat of summer sets in (up here, anyway). For me there's always different places to go to make photos.

    Got caught up on and enjoyed your recent posts - esp. the 'Finish This' one (I was surprised that someone who runs marathons needs more patience ! ;>)

    Have a great week.

  13. Woo hoo for us both not buying a single book! :) it has been easier than I thought it would be, actually.

    Last June I packed up my condo and prepared to move downtown. This year I enjoyed my downtown condo and hosted 2 different groups of people: one for drinks/aps before dinner, and then the other was my work Christmas party!

    June was an awesome month for me. Honestly, my year kind of feels like it starts in June since the first 5 months of the year are consumed with CFA studying. I feel like myself again! :)

  14. This is such a fun idea for a post. :)

    Last June... I was still working at the preschool, applying like crazy to jobs, interviewing, and I had just gotten back from my first cruise!

    Much different this year... well, aside from the cruise part. ;)

  15. Great job on the no book buying!! I just sent you a friend request on GoodReads.

    June was a good month for me too, since I was finally allowed to run outside again.

  16. Looks like a much better travel period than last year! MO is the last place I want to be right now since we seem to be topping the stinking weather charts! really when I looked at the maps I want to be where you are CA or OR or WA!

  17. I have heard good things about The Night Circus. I'll have to add it to my list.


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