Last Week (4)

Whew. I have been a bit MIA the last week or so, because of the holiday, an unplanned trip to San Francisco, friends visiting and more. So hold on to your hats, grab a PBR or your favorite summer cocktail and check out what's been happening while I was gone.

Men. You can't live with them and you can't send them to the grocery store. 
Exhibit A: Make coffee. 
1.5 cups of grounds + 6 cups water = something resembling Turkish coffee.
Exhibit B: Go to the grocery store. 
Meat, cheese, condiments and...booze. Lots of booze (not all pictured!)

Top: Santa Cruz's Wilder Ranch
Bottom: Three Sisters, OR

I ate my first garden veggies. Basil and chives. 
Small but delicious. 
I am also growing (not killing!) several others and can't wait to eat them.

We had friends over for the 4th.
There was wine and conversation. 
Good times.

I took them on a hike through the redwoods. 
You want the free tour? Come visit! I still have limited availability!

Oh the bookstore. I went, but instead of buying books (since I am banned) I wrote down some new finds.
A few on the list (pictured below):
The Wilder Life: My Adventures in the Lost World of the Little House on the Prairie

A sign inside a local store. 
Are we allowed to say this in public now? 

The temperature while I was in Oregon! 
Summer? Hello? And I hear people are having a heat wave. 

I dropped a jar of pickles. 
My biggest regret? I wanted the jar to store beans in. 
Also I got glass pretty much EVERYWHERE. I was finding it in corners for days afterward! 

On my runs, I go past these every day. 
Do you know how hard it is not to run with scissors and a bag and bring some home next time? 

Beer fest. 
Verdict? I can't drink $30 worth of 4 oz beer. 
But I tried. 

How was your week? Who does the shopping in your household? Do you like artichokes?


  1. Are those artichokes growing wild?

    I'm very intrigued by your being banned from buying books. Do you have too many? Because, you know, there's really no such thing!

  2. I like the lawn chairs as dining room chairs. :)

  3. Been down at my capt's in Wareham/Onset (I live in Nahant, just north of Boston). He loves to food shop. He smoked ribs this week and hamburgers, stuffed with Baby Bell cheddar cheese then wrapped in bacon. Thankfully I ran just over 11 miles that day to eat one!!

  4. Fun! I do all the shopping for my family. Glad u had a great week:)

  5. No!! That sucks about the pickles! I dropped a full jar of raspberry jam in may. That was so messy to clean up!!

    I can't believe people are wearing long sleeves in that photo from thr 4th! It was seriously like a sauna here. I walked outside with my camera and the lenses fogged up! Everyone went in the water as much as possible as that was the only way it was really tolerable to be outdoors. I am loving these pacific NW temps as its much cooler and not humid - although amber and some of her friend's have commented on how humid it is and I just have to laugh as this is NOTHING. And then I think about ppl who live in the South and deal with this all summer and I realize it's not so bad having these humid spells!!

    I live alone so I do all the shooing. ;)

  6. All you can drink deals are never a deal for me. I drink one or two drinks and I'm done. I'm definitely not 23 anymore. =)

    That shopping trip cracks me up. Last year at some point, I took a photo of a basket full of baby formula (4 big tins) and beer (four 6-packs). Ahem. But, usually, Sweets and I go shopping together, which is just as bad, because we come up with every reason in the world to buy something more (and we usually do!). The amount we spend on groceries is staggering.

  7. I love seeing artichokes growing - they're so cool looking. I always wonder who the first person was that decided to try to eat them. We love artichokes.


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