Finish This: July

This is San's idea, and I love it. Maybe you should join in too!

Maybe I should go running instead of doing this.
I love the smell of pine trees.
People would say that I’m more of a text person than an phone caller. 
I don’t understand the complexities of physics.
When I wake up in the morning I have breakfast right away. 
I lost my wallet in Ireland and almost missed my plane home.
Life is full of interesting people.
My past is full of
days spent outdoors.
I get annoyed when
that screechy bird sits outside my window and squeaks.
Parties are good when they are smaller.
I wish I had more creativity.
Dogs are
cute but they smell.
Birds are a strange thing to have as a pet.
Tomorrow I’m
running a half marathon.
I have low tolerance for people who feel entitled for things they don't work for.
I’m totally terrified of
getting injured.
I wonder why I
sometimes don't feel like running.
Never in my life have I
watched the Godfather series.
High school was
a time for fun and friends.
When I’m nervous
my voice warbles. I hate public speaking!
One time at a family gathering
my cousin beat me at ping pong.
Take my advice: Don't underestimate yourself.
Making my bed
makes me feel more in control of my day.
I’m almost always
dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and flip flops.
I’m addicted to
baking, but then I have nobody to eat the stuff, so I eat it all, which can be bad.
I want someone to
buy me a house on a cliff in San Francisco. Do you have a few million dollars?

What do you get annoyed at? What have you never done? What is your past full of?

Even though today I am not talking about fitness, head over to Jills to meet people who are!


  1. More of a text person than a phone caller made me laugh...same way here and I have a feeling many of us who have blogs are exactly the same way!

  2. I saw this on a few other blogs before and tried to do it once but I got stumped on some of them! Haha! Good luck in your half marathon tomorrow!

  3. Dogs don't smell - what dogs are you hanging around??? BTW, birds are freaky - two small, mangy ones landed on our table last night and freaked out quite a few people at our table (I put on a brave face, so Gavin wouldn't get scared).

  4. Good luck tomorrow. This is fun and I may need to do it - I've been a little writing challenged lately.

    I'm totally inviting myself to your small party on your cliff house in San Fransisco.

  5. Haa my dog gets annoyed at the birds which then gets me annoyed at her barking :-)

  6. That's so fun! I'm with you on the screechy birds and the smaller parties. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, good luck!

  7. Fun! Forgot to rant about this one today, so, I get annoyed when the battery is dying in the garage door opener and it beeps loudly every 15 seconds. Rocky (pup#1) wouldn't even come inside he was so freaked out and it didn't help my headache any. I have never tried pumpkin pie:0 I know, crazy right? Good luck tomorrow!!

  8. I love this!!! I'm totally a text person now...that way I can just ask a question and be done!

  9. I did this last week!

    Slow drivers that hang out in the passing lane annoy me. I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies and never will. My past is full of fun memories with my family!!

  10. I am going to have to do this tomorrow. Fun to learn these things about you.

    I get annoyed at stupid people that talk too much. I have never been to the West Coast. My past is full of happiness.

  11. Yay for playing along ... so fun to learn some random facts.
    I also have a low tolerance for people who feel entitled to stuff.

  12. I love public speaking! I'm weird, I know.

    I've never seen the Godfather movies either. I think I saw the first 15 minutes of the first one and the last 15 minutes of the last one, but that's about it.


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