Currently: July

Current Book - Cutting For Stone -- Abraham Verghese (so far, so good!) 

Current Celebrity Crush - Tom Colicchio (when I googled to find a photo, I found this! Haha. I have never seen him with hair!) There is just something about a guy that can cook. He is sometimes a bit sarcastic, but then he will say something so nice 2 minutes later.


Current Drink -  Creamsicle -- 8 oz Orange Juice, 2 tbsp plain yogurt, ice. Blend up and enjoy!

Current Excitement -  This weekend K and A and the babe are coming to have a beach day with us! I can't wait to take them to my favorite burrito place! Or maybe that pupusa place I have been wanting to try.

Current fashion trend - I bought a couple of brightly colored tops, which I wear with jeans when I am feeling frisky. I wear it with these shoes.

Current Favorite Blog/Website - You've probably already heard of it, but I really love Read it Later, which is now called Pocket. It allows you to "bookmark" a page to read later offline or transfer to your eReader to read at a later date. It is also very easily searchable. I use it a ton! 
Current Favorite Film - I went to the movies and saw To Rome With Love. It was okay but not great. Other than that, I haven't seen a movie in AGES. 

Curent Food - Steel cut oats. I have them almost every day for breakfast. With whatever fresh fruit I have on hand, plus craisins, chia and sesame seeds, it's so good!

Current Guilty Pleasure - Booze. I normally don't drink very much, but lately I have had a few nights where there have been one too many glasses of wine. It's been great but it's making me a lot less motivated to run the next day!

Current Indulgence - Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee. I am still trying to figure out how to order though. Since when does "light on the cream" mean EXTRA cream?

Current Mood - Good!

Current New Find - The store down the street from me has the best bulk aisle. They have pretty much anything you could ask for -- spices, baking products, herbs, nuts, seeds, grains...you name it. It's so great when I need a bit of cinnamon for a recipe to be able to just get $0.13 worth!

Current Outfit -  Right now? I am in my pajamas. Pants are overrated.
Current Peeve -  People who are untidy/unorganized. I had a dream last night about it. I started a new job as a manager and the place I took over was a mess! 
Current Song - I have that Payphone song stuck in my head. I don't LOVE it, but there it is.

Current Triumph - I ran every day this week so far. I know it's only Wednesday, but I will take my triumphs where I can get them! 
Current TV Show - Top Chef Season I

Current Wish-List - I want a new iPhone. Little by little, things on mine are slowing down/stopping.

Currently Delaying - Buying a new iPhone. I figure I will use the old one until it's gone completely.

What's currently going on in your life? Do you like Top Chef? Do you ever shop in the bulk aisle?


  1. I'm going to try that creamsicle mix as soon as I get home. I love that flavor.

  2. Wow, he looks good with hair:) That creamsicle drink sounds yummy! I totally agree with the alcohol/motivation issue. When I drink the night before, even if it's just a glass or 2, I am so unmotivated the next day. Ugh! I need to go shop in the bulk isle so I can make more energy balls. I am craving them.

  3. Are you really only beginning with Top Chef right now? I've been watching it real-time ever since Season 1 and, like a great book, I can't put it down!!! =)

  4. Love Top Chef but I've only seen a few. I watched one entire season but just bits and pieces otherwise. I'm definitely going to check out Pocket, sounds like a great idea!

  5. umm the creamsicle sounds delish! if i did this my celebrity crush would never change, my heart belongs to robert downey jr!

  6. I loved Cutting for Stone! And thanks for turning me onto Pocket--what a cool concept. And I'm going to have to try the creamsicle!

  7. Tom Colicchio will always be a crush in my world. And I actually like him better without hair! :) He is awesome. I just love his facial expressions and use of sarcasm and wit. He's got the whole package!

    Mm, that creamsicle sounds good!

    I am currently listening to the Ed Sheeran cd I treated myself to before my trip. I am currently eating a lot of smoothies thanks to the purchase of a magic bullet last months. And i am currently dreaming about living in Seattle as i am so over this heat!

  8. I love a good bulk aisle - especially for spices.

  9. I eat rolled oats every morning and it's the best breakfast ever! Plus it means I'm not hungry for hours, which is amazing.

  10. I love these 'currently' posts. I tried reading Cutting For Stone, but couldn't get into it. I haven't given up on it though. Right now, I am currently on the 2nd book in the 50 Shades Trilogy. So cheesy and porny (not a word, I know, but it should be), but there is something about it that makes it addictive. I am also in love with Top Chef, and pretty much every other cooking show out there. Do you watch MasterChef? Have you ever seen Chopped? Chopped is probably the best. Also, I adore the bulk isle. We have a Bulk Barn store in Canada, do you have this in the US? It is pretty much heaven on Earth haha :)

  11. Think I need to try your creamsicle drink!

  12. Most of the male chefs I know are kind of a-holes, but there IS something about that skill that makes it almost forgivable...


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