Finish This: June

A couple of great blogger friends did this, and I think it's fun (plus I am a copycat), so here goes!

Maybe I should go to the conversational Spanish meetup at the local library.
I love living near the ocean.
People would say that I’m brutally honest.
I don’t understand people who are late, flaky or don't follow through with things.
When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is start a pot of coffee.
I lost my way when I tried running on a new trail (and do almost every time)!
Life is full of difficult decisions.
My past is full of
carefree days at the beach, good memories and great experiences!
I get annoyed when
things don't go my way.
Parties are something I don't really go to/have very much anymore.
I wish I had more patience.
Dogs are
slobbery and stinky and hairy.
Cats are snide and snooty.
Tomorrow I’m
going back to CA (I'm in OR)!
I have low tolerance for people who try to strike up random conversations in public places.
I’m totally terrified of
I wonder why I
have such high expectations (of others and myself!)
Never in my life have I
been to Yellowstone.
High school was
a fun and easy time of my life.
When I’m nervous
my sweat is really stinky. (**and I put my fingers in my armpits and I smell them like this. That's gross**)
One time at a family gathering
we had a food fight. My uncle started it. Or maybe it was my Dad. Bad!
Take my advice:
Making my bed
is a must every day as soon as I get out of bed.
I’m almost always
on time or early to meetings, parties and events.
I’m addicted to
coffee, the internet and running.
I want someone to
take care of any and all car issues for me. I hate dealing with them. I would rather do dishes every day for the rest of my life.

What do you wish you had more of? What are you terrified of? Finish a few yourself in the comments below!


  1. Love these!!! I totally make the bed as soon as I get out of it....even though my hubby is still sleeping in it!!! I want to go to one of your family reunions...sounds exciting!

  2. I'm glad you played along! I was nodding my head along to a lot of these! And the armpit thing made me of the Mary Catherine Gallagher skit on SNL. Have you seen it? If not, you should youtube it. :)

    I wish I had more time, more money, more patience, and more vacation days. ;) I am terrified of failing as well.

  3. "I’m addicted to coffee, the internet and running." um yes, me too!

  4. Great list! they will have to pry the coffee cup from my cold dead hand.

  5. Fun! I wish I had more: coffee right now, publications out, and black strappy sandals.

    I think I'll play along more fully sometime soon as I enjoy reading these when other people do them.

  6. This is fun:) I wish I had more energy right now:)

  7. Dogs are stinky, but they're cute, too.

    I love living near the ocean. Someday I hope to live close enough to smell it every day.

  8. Am jealous that you live near the ocean - so many of my holidays are by the sea. I love being there.

    I wish I had more self-motivation (instead of being so lazy) and more books.

    I am terrified of loneliness.

  9. Love this! I make beds every day (I'm such an enabler for my kids). Love the food fight.


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