Around the Hood

This post is a little random, but here are a few things I have seen around the hood in the last few days.

-Maybe you can't see this very well, but when I went running last weekend, I saw this (it's a guy running away from me, on the wrong side of the road). As we determined, he should be running toward traffic. I wanted to say something to him! And this is the perfect road I am talking about, because you pretty much have to run IN the road, since there is no sidewalk and barely a shoulder to run on.

- Temescal Park, where you can swim! In fresh water. Although I bet it's mighty chilly right now! But people were there, swimming laps. It made me re-think the fact that I should probably be going swimming, at least once a week. It was so nice! I have the goggles and suit; I just need to work up the motivation!

- Another one of those "gosh darn them" moments. This car, parked on the sidewalk, where I had to run around it. There were plenty of parallel parking spots on the street. Right next to this driveway, in fact.

- As seen in Safeway. You probably can't read it very well (click on photo to zoom) but it says: "Warning, the red wine vinegars and balsamic vinegars on these shelves contain lead, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm." So why are they on the shelves? Anyway, no matter, I purchased the one on the right.

- As runners, we talk a lot of the taper, and "taper madness". Well, if you come on down to my hood, you can get "taper madness"...or "fade madness", "afro madness" or many other fun afflictions. Or a haircut. (I wonder if they do those little z's?)

- Gordon Biersch garlic fries and a ballgame. The only thing better is that and a beer (not shown).

What's going on in your neighborhood? Where is your closest place to swim outside? What do you indulge in when you go to the ball park?


  1. Yum, those fries look amazing!

    People used to park and block the sidewalk like that in my last neighborhood. It was annoying. I know some neighborhoods have rules the prohibit parking on the street overnight (like my brother's neighborhood), but I still think there has got to be a better solution than hogging the sidewalk like that!

  2. People always block the sidewalks on Carrollton and St Charles. Luckily we have bike paths now so when you go around and out into the street you're less likely to get creamed!

  3. There are these crazies in our neighborhood who keep putting in gardens where their yard is supposed to be. Oh wait - that's us. I don't know whats going on in our neighborhood other than the jasmine being in bloom. I'm clueless.

    Yay for swimming! I'm actually not a fan of swimming for excersize, but MacGyver is a swimmer through and through. The base pool is opening in a week, and he can't wait to start swimming laps in the morning.

  4. Maybe all running bloggers should make a pact to start calling out the people on the wrong side of the road! Balsamic vinegar can have lead? Learn something new every day! Who knew they could be harmful.

  5. People in Chicago swim in Lake Michigan, and it is effing freezing. I could maybe be persuaded to put my feet in at the end of the summer, when it's at its warmest (ie no floating ice cubes) and it was torturous.

  6. ha-maybe the runner is British..!

  7. I hate hate hate when people park like that, blocking the sidewalk. There is a pharmacy not far from us whose garage doesn't open as early as the store opens. One of the employees parks their car, blocking the sidewalk, until the garage doors open. Sadly, by the time I walk by, the garage doors have already opened and the employee's car still sits blocking not only the sidewalk, but other cars from getting into the garage. It's so annoying. I pretty much curse the car owner every time I walk by.

  8. I hate it when people park like that.

    Dodger Stadium used to have Gordon Biersch fries. My boys went to opening day this year and said it's a different vendor now for garlic fries and not the same at all. Bummer.


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