Weekly Doings

After an entire week of rain, last week it cleared up and was beautiful. And then it was in the 80s and I sweated my booty off. This week's highs are supposed to be in the 70s which is perfect! Spring has sprung for real, I think! I had a great week doing lots of things outdoors!

First, I did some of my favorite things: 
Coupon clipping, reading and coffee drinking in the sun.
You can't get much better than that. 
The book, Train Like a Mother*, was good. It's about running.
You can read my review here.

I went for a run on the trails near my house. 
One bad thing about Spring? 
Poison Oak. 
Leaves of three; don't touch me! 

Then I headed up to my parents house for the weekend. 
There is still snow on the mountain tops! 
I love it there! It's so beautiful!

I put my Dad to work, trail running with me. 
I even made him leap small buildings logs in a single bound.
Then he put me to work raking, gardening and towing things. 
Touche father, touche.

My parents made homemade cheese! 
I had to taste it to make sure it wasn't poisonous. 
I haven't died, but I still may need to do further testing to be sure.

The apple trees are just getting their flowers and the bees are getting busy! 
It only took me 2,361,384 attempted photos to get this one useable one. 

Yesterday, on my way back home, we went for a hike. 
The two hats are my Mom and Aunt, sitting mighty close to the edge of that cliff. 

No hike would be complete without an attempt at kite flying. 
Notice I said attempt. 
The wind was not cooperating. 
(I heard a man behind me say, "If you have to run, it's not windy enough". Lazy or smart? You decide)

I drove home, which takes about 4 hours, and listened to Ape House on the way, which totally makes the time go by fast (I have been doing it while running too. It's awesome).

*I received Train Like a Mother for free from the authors. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a review.

Have you ever read a running related book? Have you ever had poison oak (or ivy)? Have you ever listened to a book on CD?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I've read many running related books and Train Like A Mother is next on my list. Never had poison oak or ivy. And I've never listed to a book on CD but I have friends who use them for their commute to work.

    Have a great day :)

  2. I have not had poison oak, but my nephew got poison ivy last year and it was horrible. He got these awful blisters, I felt SO bad for him!

    I have read a couple of books about running. First I read Hal Higdon's guide to marathon training before running my first marathon in 2006 (I had no runner friends then so gobbled up anything I could read that would help me!). I also read What I think about when I think about running, and a couple other ones that are escaping my mind. Oh, and Running with the Buffalos, which was really good!

  3. Made their own cheese? Impressive!

  4. Oh, no! I hope you don't itch for long! I haven't had poison oak or ivy in a few years. Knock on wood.

    I've read a few running books over the past couple of years, but I have to admit that I usually prefer reading novels in my spare time.

  5. Never had poison oak or ivy...they actually used to send me into the bushes at softball practice when I was younger to get the balls since I never got it!! I love me some running books! Finished TLAM and was reading Born to Run at the hubby's body building show....had to represent!!!

  6. Poison Ivy is rampant down here and drives me crazy. Homemade cheese is fantastic and scary all at the same time. Good week!

  7. I just read Once a Runner and it was really good! Fiction, based on a true story, and very inspiring!

  8. what a fantastic weekend!

  9. What a great weekend! I love that your parents are so active. If I asked mine to go hiking or running, they would look at me like I was crazy. Currently reading "Run Like a Mother" and am loving it so far. Not too far in. Beautiful and sunny here. Really want to go hiking, maybe I should ask my parents if they want to go with me:)

  10. Did you read run like a mother too? I'm just reading that now and really enjoying it. Hope to read train like a mother as well. I love that your parents made cheese, it looks good to me! (and safe!) :)

  11. Homemade cheese!! Holy yum!!

    Awesome weekend! I can't wait for the summer so I can read for fun. I've listened to a few books on tape and have totally been in to podcasts on my commute.

  12. I love that you can go running with my dad. I will always remember something my dad said to me after my parents watched me run my second marathon. He said that they always considered me a good balance of both my parents. But, this whole running thing, they didn't know where it came from and they were so impressed. Makes my heart pitter patter to this day!

  13. That's awesome your dad went trail running with you! I would love it if my parents were into that kind of thing!

  14. What a fun weekend! I have heard lots of good reviews on that book. I like to run with a kite when I fly it but that's just me!

  15. I have not yet had poison oak despite several hikes that were apparently through thickets of the stuff. I've been so lucky!
    "if it's hairy, it's a berry...leaves of three? let it be!" love those reminders!

    What an awesome set of adventures ...from the homemade cheese-eating to the kite-flying and everything else!

  16. Looks like a great time and it's so pretty! Homemade cheese huh? My husband would love that. How are you liking Ape House? I like Water for Elephants but haven't read Ape House yet.

  17. The kite comment made me laugh. I used to fly kites on the beach so it always seemed windy enough, but I wound up running too, just for fun. Homemade cheese? That's awesome!

  18. Sounds like another good week. How fun that your parents made homemade cheese!

  19. Homemade cheese you say? YUM!! I am such a cheese junkie, and that's probably why I love Europe! I read Born to Run and Prefontaine. I just got Going Long as a birthday gift but haven't read it yet. Great pics.


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