What I Love Everywhere

I'm not really a sappy, lovey-dovey type person. And I think Valentine's Day is a bunch of commercialism. We should love each other Every Day! But I do like themes. And what better month for the theme I am about to show you but February! I apologize in advance for the subject.

First, remember these? I saw them in a few places while traveling. This one was in New York.

Excuse the blurry photo; it was dark and it was snowy and it was cold. 
But you get the point. Love is, literally, everywhere.

There is love in food. 

There is love in man made things.

And there is love in nature.

Yes, that's a camel on the top right.

Where will we find it next? 

There it is!
Do you have a specific thing that you take photos of, over and over? Do you celebrate Valentines Day?


  1. Love these love photos! Cards and candy on valentines day for us. This year my daughter is on a health kick and ask for a fruit bouquet instead! I found you on kims blog. Nice ti meet you! :) jen

  2. All these pictures make me happy! It's everywhere!

  3. you know i love love...and hearts. i agree about the whole valentine's day thing. love is year-round. xoxoxo

  4. You mean other than the 1 million photos of my daughter??? Other than her I LOVE taking pictures of the everyday things around me...fortunately that is usually the ocean. Love your heart photos...that church heart is beautiful!

  5. This is soooo awesome! I love these!! I agree with you on V-Day and asked not to get flowers or anything related where they jack up prices just for this day. I keep hinting for some running headphones :-) I'm obsessed with hearts and have lots of jewelry with hearts most made out of some sort of stone...

  6. I think I saw a heart on my french toast this morning...I should have taken a pic for you. :)

    I usually get my husband something, then get mad at him for overspending on me (or underspending). I'm kind of a brat sometimes...feel sorry he has to shop for me. I guess I'll be nicer this year. LOl.

  7. This is a wonderful post! I've seen several of these but none all in one place.

  8. I love that you have such a large number of photos to draw upon for this! Very cool.

    M. and I usually exchange something small on Valentine's Day, but it falls between our anniversary in late January and our birthdays in late February and mid-March, so it gets overshadowed by more important holidays for us.

  9. I love all those pictures. I enjoy Valentine's Day, but it always comes at a busy time of year for me- and my husbands birthday is 3 days later, so this year I'm hoping we pretty much just ignore it haha.

  10. I agree about Valentines day - it's very commercial. We kind of ignore it - except the kids have "friendship" parties at school, so we have to do cards for that. We're going to a Blazer game as a family this v-day - so I'll take that over cards/roses/chocolate any day!

  11. I actually love valentine's day. My boss said that is totally inconsistent with my approach to life as he says I am too practical to enjoy valentine's day. I know it is commercialized and you should show your love for others every day of the year, but I love that there is one day dedicated to love!


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