Feb Photo Fun

I am still working on the February Photo Challenge.  I have some posts in the works about other activities from this week, so until I get my butt in gear (and my mind!) you will be entertained with #febphotoaday only!

Day 16: Something New
I recently swapped books with fellow blogger Suz. I was so excited that my box arrived! 
Hurray for new books! This also falls within the guidelines of my 12 in 2012 book challenge.

Day 17: Time
I spent most of this day driving to the Bay Area to see friends and run the Bay Breeze

Day 18: Drinks
Post race wind down beverage

Day 19: Something I Hate to Do

Day 20: Handwriting
My planner.

 Day 21: A Fave Photo of Myself
Bottling beer with the broski. 
This one is a Stout. My favorite!

Day 22: Where I Work

Day 23: My Shoes
Same shoes, different closet.

Day 24: Inside My Bathroom Cabinet
Actually, this is my roommate's cabinet. She likes to have fresh smelling armpits.
My cabinet is a toiletry bag.

Day 25: Green
Running in Oakland yesterday.
You can't quite see it, but that glow in the distance is San Francisco. 
It was a gorgeous day!

In a few minutes I am heading to San Francisco for an Oscar party with friends. I have no idea what movies are nominated, but it will be fun to see everyone anyway! Also, my friends are on a fast; no dairy, booze, sugar, sodium, bread or caffeine (as well as a long list of other things), so it should be an interesting (and grumpy?) party!  What do you think? Should I bring a huge bottle of wine and a cheese platter?

How was your week? Did you do anything fun this weekend? Are you going to any Oscar parties?


  1. OMG, that is a crazy fast! You will have to tell us what they DO eat!! Yikes! I hope the party was fun. I watched about 3 minutes of the oscars. I didn't see any of the movies this year and opted to read instead! I did watch some of the red carpet!

  2. These are fun! I was going to try to post my photos in one big post tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll finish them all.


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