Ice Cream in Winter

This week it finally snowed! So, instead of grabbing a beer (inspired by Kim), grab a hot cocoa before the sun comes out. Oh wait, it's too late? Well then, grab whatever you want then and let's see what's been happening around these parts!

The snow was beautiful!
(Monday morning)

But it melted away really fast!
(Monday afternoon)

So we made ice cream to make up for it. 3 kinds of ice cream. Vanilla ice cream, peach frozen yogurt and mandarin sorbet! See what happens when  you get an ice cream maker for Christmas. I bet by Feb 7, we will be tired of it. BUT. It's SOOOO good! 

Mandarins at the ready. 

I got a letter from the NORTH POLE! Thanks Santa!

I went for a run in the valley where it is warm. Then to celebrate my run, I had a HUGE burrito. Actually, had is a little tame. More like I INHALED a huge burrito! I heart roach coaches!

Then I headed to the Bay Area, where I stayed at a friend's house. Here is little A, trying to put on her shoes. 

They actually went out of town and I stayed to mooch lodging off them, eat their food and catch up on Top Chef house sit. 

On Saturday I ran the Coyote Hills Half Marathon. More on that later. 

How was your week? Did it snow? Did you run? Have you ever made your own ice cream?


  1. I am not a snow fan, but those pics are beautiful! I just read up on your lifestyle--you are living the way I'd love to live! So great.

    I hope you had a good race yesterday!

  2. My mom and 2 of my siblings have ice cream makers so we have it quite a bit. It's the best! We always had homemade ice cream on Christmas Eve, but we had this old school ice cream maker that took FOREVER to make ice cream - and we would pack snow around the the cannister in the ice cream maker instead of ice. But the taste of that homemade ice cream was amazing!

    It snowed a bit here on Monday and then again on Friday, but not enough to really stick around. We still barely have a snow cover, which is unheard of for us!

    I did not run... My doctor said I could start running again next week, but I have to stay indoors for the first couple of weeks. Grr..

  3. It did snow in my neck of the woods this week! Since it was only a couple of inches, I didn't mind too much.

    I should never own an ice cream maker as that would be the end of any self-control. Ice cream is my favorite dessert.

    I can't wait for the race recap!

  4. I'd love an ice cream maker - I don't care what temperature it is, inside it's always ice cream weather!

  5. Love those snow pictures! Can't wait to hear about your race. We recently got an ice cream maker but have not yet used it... definitely need to try it soon!

  6. I've never made my own ice cream but my kids do with their in-laws. It's a novelty and treat for them.

    Our weather has been unseasonably warm and very little snow. I keep waiting for the day when we make up for the mild winter. Ran my first half so my week was fabulous!

    Can't wait to hear more about your half.

  7. Wow that's a lot going on. Ice cream maker FTW! We haven't seen any snow yet, and might not get any this year. and I prefer my hot chocolate with spiced rum in it.

  8. We've had the strangest winter weather--snow, followed by very warm temps (50's), followed by more snow. I wish the weather would just make up it's mind already!

  9. Have you tried Yogi Tea icecream? It's to die for. Next time you visit, I'll give you some. It's exotic and wonderful.


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