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Training for a marathon is not easy. You have to run a lot. I have skipped a lot of social outings because I needed to get a run in. However, I have not let running be an anvil around my neck (or is it an albatross? I think I am getting two sayings twisted up) .

Instead I have embraced running in all the places I found myself in. If I had a friend to visit, I made sure they knew there would be a run involved. Sometimes they even ran with me. Other times I found out more about a city or a new place than I thought I would. Running brings you closer to the real heart of a place. You get down and dirty and check out the streets, the parks, the people. Running makes you get out of the house and see things. Running makes you "street smart". So, I thought I would show you a few places I may not have known about, or seen, except for the fact that I needed to get out for a run.

Rhode Island: 



Cape Girardeau








Sierra Nevadas

New York:

There are several more but I didn't get photos of all of them! Running really has been a great way to meet new people and to see new places!

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Where is your favorite place to run? Have you traveled somewhere specifically for a run/race? Have you discovered new places due to any fitness related activity?


  1. You have run in some beautiful places!! When I was in high school, my sister and I used to roller blade the bike trail in Bristol. One day I decided to see how far it went...yeah it goes really far!! It was a doozey to get back to the car!!!!

  2. I have also combined the traveling to visit a friend or family member with the traveling to do a race thing. I've done that in Boston, San Antonio, Virginia Beach, and Madison. I've definitely explored places that I might not have were it not for running.

  3. Beautiful photos and what lovely places to run.

    I loved running in Chicago but my favorite is Washington DC. Everything about running in that city makes it perfect. Some of my trail races have been in the most beautiful locations.

    Fun post!

  4. Wow! What a lot of places! I haven't been really anywhere to run specifically, but have run a lot of places when I get there for other reasons. And I always feel like I have gotten to know the place better when I have run through it!

  5. beautiful spots for sure! I'm in S. CA now...i still pretty much run inside on the treadmill...i need to venture out!

  6. You have ran in some really beautiful places! When I was training for my marathon last year, I was usually up at my parents' cabin and there is NO good place to run. Seriously. I would do this out & back route that was 5 miles, but then sometimes I would have to do it 3 times. So I would run by the same stuff 6 times since it was an out and back. It was mentally grueling let me tell you - I got some funny looks from the neighbors!! ;)

    I have done quite a few destination races! I did a 10 mile race in DC, I did a marathon in Portland (and got to do a easy prep run for that along the seawall in Vancouver), I ran a 10k in Charlotte, and then did my half marathon in Victoria! I am going ot try to get into the NYC marathon next year and if I don't make it into that, I want to try to do the Marine Corp Marathon in DC next November!!!

  7. Beautiful shots of your travels!! :)

  8. I really enjoyed running in Philadelphia when I lived there. And running in Oregon during Hood to Coast.

  9. I love running in Monterrey CA the very best.

    Once when I was on a business trip I went out for a short run from my hotel, taking only a room key with me... got horribly lost and it was Sunday, no open stores.... took me 3 hours to find my way back!

  10. Oh you've really run in some beautiful places. That run in the Sierras looked a little tough. I've never been able to get my exercise via running - a mental thing I think. But I found that hitchhiking (yep, in my younger days) was a great way to meet interesting people too, although not the best way to get exercise ;-)

  11. Those are definitely some beautiful places!

  12. Running is the best. You can do it anywhere, anytime, and never have to do the same route twice. I love it! Good luck with your training!


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