Then and Now: September

I can't believe that September is over already. This month went by 17 times faster than the month of August. I have been very busy with work, friends and running. I was thinking the other day about how quickly time passes and how quickly we forget about some of the things we have done in the past (days/months/years). I also frequently think, "last year at this time I was ____". So, in order to remember the good times and the crazy ones, this is the first episode of Then and Now: The Who, the Where and the What of September 2010 vs 2011.  

The WHO: 

Last September, I was hanging out a lot with this guy:
To Be or Not to Be... (yes, I made him dress up like that. And I hated that beard.)

This September, I hung out a lot with these guys: 
98 Miles in September (vs. 0 last year!)


Last September I was here:  
Udaipur, India

This September I was here:
Random, MO

Last September, I was sleeping here: 
Drying out the blanket due to the humidity!
This September, I slept here:
Not IN the chair, but in this room!

Last September, I wrote about:

This September, I wrote about: 

I can't believe that (insert cliched statement here) last year at this time I was halfway across the globe. It seems kind of surreal to think that now I am back in "real" life, working every day and living the every day life instead of gallivanting about.  Weird. 

What were you doing in September 2010? How was your month this year? Are you glad (can you believe) it's October already?


  1. I love this post theme! It is fun and interesting to reflect back on "a year ago this month".

    A year ago this month, I started dating Tom, aka The Barrister. September was a wonderful month for us, and even though it ended poorly, I have fond memories of those first weeks together (although looking back, I can see signs of behaviors that would be the demise of our relationship.)

    I can't believe Mr. L dressed like that for you! ;) Too funny!

  2. Great idea for a post! It's interesting to see where you were a year, or two ago! Last September I was packing...thinking we were about to move and had quit my job. Time flies when your having fun... :-)
    xoxo from Trinidad

  3. This is an awesome idea!!! Isn't it amazing what a year can bring? My life was different but certainly not as different as yours!!! September of last year I had just turned my life upside down....went from a job I loved in the ghetto to a job in a vacation destination, moved 2 hours away to where I knew just a few people, and was living in a new house with my daughter while my hubby was still finishing his job elsewhere. This year we are calling this all home! I love October!!!

  4. HOW WAS THAT AN ENTIRE YEAR AGO??? I loved reading your posts while you were overseas....but it doesn't seem like a year ago. Man.

  5. This is great! Hmmm last September I was stuck in a retail job that I hated waiting to get a call from the school board and keeping my fingers crossed that I would get hired. This September I am on the substitute teacher list. It's a start to where I want to be!! It sounds like you live a pretty amazing and wonderful life full of adventure!

  6. What a great idea! This is a really neat way to reflect on your life. I love it!


  7. Fun to look back and see what you were doing a year ago.

    Last year we were house-sitting for a friend who was travelling, and this year we are on the boat.

  8. I love this post! What a fun way to compare and reminisce! Last September I was adjusting to life as a full-time faculty member and training for a couple of fall half-marathons. This September ... well, you know, it wasn't that great.

  9. Wonderful idea for a post. Love the comparison for then and now. Last September I was sending my baby off to Kindergarten, now I'm mourning my oldest turning 10.

  10. What a cool idea for a post! Love the first picture, really funny. Will have to read about your amazing vacation.

  11. Hmmm. Last September I was pretty much where I am now, doing pretty much what I'm doing now. Except this year I'm closer to having a completed novel...

  12. I love this post. I`m thinking I might copy the format sometime in the near future. Great idea! If and when I do, you and your blog with definitely get a shout out!


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